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How To Manifest Using Candles

Manifesting is the art of focusing our mental energy in order to make physical changes in our lives. However practicing manifestation can sometimes get overly complicated and bring us more tension, detracting from its purpose.

One of the simplest ways to begin manifesting is by using candles – a simple and affordable tool that most people have access to.

This is the main way I manifest due to how simple it is and how adaptable you can make it too.

Using candles to make wishes is an ancient practice, but while candle magic is simple in theory it can be difficult to practice and see results consistently.

In this article I want to go over how to use candles to manifest, candle colors and their uses and different approaches you can take.

How to set intentions with candles

intention candles

Setting intentions with candles is nothing new, most of us have blown out a birthday candle with a wish in mind.

While some of these wishes might have come true, it’s likely that not many of them did. The main reason for this is how we focus on the candle and what our intentions are.

Intention is key when it comes to bringing a wish into reality.

I love setting intentions with candles because they act as an easy way to make my focus physical – this is very important during manifestation.

If we keep our intentions mental, just thinking about or visualizing a goal, often it just stays within the mental realm.

Using candles also makes it easier to let go of a goal and release the attachment to it. Once the candle is blown out that is a reminder that my work is done and I can move onto other things.

Get very clear on what you want to manifest. Rather than choosing a goal that is vague or too open ended, pick one that is more specific. A dollar amount, a specific item, a specific type of lifestyle. I recommend choosing a goal that doesn’t feel too far-fetched within the context of your current life, but that still stretches you a little.

Now pinpoint the emotions you will feel when you have achieved this goal. You aren’t manifesting an item or thing, but cultivating a specific type of energy. This energy works as a magnet for that thing.

Candle manifestation ritual

Candle manifestation ritual
  1. Write this goal on a piece of paper.
  2. Set your space for this ritual; play some light music, get comfortable etc.
  3. Have this written goal down beside you and light a candle in front of you.
  4. Spend a few moments gazing at the candle.
  5. Think of all of those emotions associated with the goal, and simmer in them for a few minutes.
  6. Breathe deeply from the stomach and move your body in whatever way feels natural; have a little dance.
  7. Affirm the emotions you are feeling (preferably out loud).
  8. When you feels finished, blow out the candle and give thanks.
  9. Fold up the piece of paper and put it somewhere safe.

This process is very personal to me but I have found that it works time and time again. Feel free to tweak it as you go, following your intuition.

like to have a box or drawer where I put all of my written intentions. I can come back to them at a later down and practice even deeper gratitude.

There are a few elements to this ritual that I think make it particularly powerful.

Writing the intention on paper starts this process of making the mental physical. When we write out goals our with a real pen or pencil on real paper, it shifts how we view this goal on an unconscious level – we have to start being committed to it.

The candle gives us our awareness a focal point and blowing out the candle creates a defined end-point.

Moving your body intuitively during this process allows you to move any energy which is stagnant or inactive that wants to go towards bringing this goal into fruition. Moving also helps us better sink into those desired emotions and loosen up about our intention.


There are a few variations you can make based on your intention. You can use a specific color candle (meanings discussed below) for a better outcome.

With the piece of paper, you might wonder why I recommend keeping them. This is because when we let go of an intention we are not actually letting go of it completely. If that were the case our intention would fade away with any physical result, instead we are letting go of it on a conscious level.

Energetically we create a kind of tether or link to a specific intention that remains unconsciously. Our energy field shifts to align. Our conscious mind gets out of the way and the intention is built up over time in our unconscious mind until it comes about in reality. Keeping these written intentions safe but out sight helps with that process.

However, you may wish to burn the piece of paper if your intention is one of letting go.

This is what has worked for me in putting these principles into practice. However you might find that you have to take a different approach in order to get the same result. As you are setting up any ritual you’re going to notice what feels right and what doesn’t, adjust accordingly.

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Candle magic: color meanings & uses

candle magic color meanings

Using white candles is a good bet if you are just starting with candle magic. However if you want to experiment or have a more specific intention in mind, using a color that corresponds with that can help.

White: This color works as a substitute for any other color, it’s a neutral base. Encourages serenity & peace.

Red: Brings about safety, security, love & passion.

Orange: Helps us align with our creative power.

Yellow: Enhances our ability to make clear, well-informed decisions.

Green: Connects us to the heart, our gifts and passions.

Blue: For clear and concise expression; aids with communication issues.

Purple: Connects us to our spiritual wisdom & higher guidance.

Black: To ward off unwelcome or negative energy.

Pink: This relates to romance more closely than red.

Brown: An earthly color to connect us to our inner and outer resources.

Combining colors (which hold a specific energy) with fire is such a powerful way to bring our intentions into reality. Although different colors tend to have specific connotations this doesn’t mean you can’t use a candle contrary to it’s wider meaning. You have to follow your own intuition on this and see what actually works for you.

Why a candle ritual doesn’t work

As I mentioned before, most of us have had some experience with using candles to make wishes, but rarely do these wishes come true or at least there doesn’t seem to be a direct connection we can identify.

I think the distinction here is between making wishes and setting intentions. Making wishes is not grounded in anything, there is temporary mental focus but no spiritual or physical focus.

When we set intentions we shouldn’t view this in the same way as a wish. We set intentions to focus our energy in a specific way, but that doesn’t mean we don’t take action, it simply means we take more aligned actions.

When we move without an intention, our actions can feel hollow; they don’t make the impact we were hoping for. Whereas when we set an intention and then follow our intuitive insights, the actions we take come with a lot more ease while also being much more effective.

If your candle ritual doesn’t work you might want to take a look at the intention you set. Is it too vague? Is it grounded in something? Can you actually envision yourself acting according to this wish?

I don’t recommend setting huge intentions with candle magic, believing you can manifest a whole new life for yourself straight away – that’s not how it works.

You want to steadily build your energy in the right direction, using this energy as fuel and focus rather than a genie in a bottle.

As you work with candles in this way you can raise the expectations you have, building momentum on each successful ritual.

What is your experience with candle magic?


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