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How Your Past Lives Affect This Life

How Your Past Lives Affect This Life

The idea of past lives has always intrigued me, and I’ve had many deep conversations with friends and family about it, but it was always theoretical.

I remember my mother telling me about a time she visited a psychic when I was a child and was told I had a high spiritual position in my past life.

However it wasn’t until about four years ago that I started to recall my past lives in vivid detail and noticed the tangible affects they were having on my current life.

In this post I want to talk about some of the signs that your past lives are negatively affecting your current life, as well as how we bring our gifts over from them too. Be aware that this topic can be distressing and it’s important to be prepared before diving into this deep inner work.

When we talk about past lives we are doing so from a linear perspective, but in reality all is occurring in the now. This means that we can remember past lives and see how they are affecting us now, but that we can also go forward and receive guidance and support from our future selves.

1. Fears and Phobias

One of the ways past lives begin bleeding through to this one is through our fears and phobias. You’ll notice that you have certain fears that are seemingly random or cut deeper than you have reason for.

This can include more obvious phobias like the fear of heights or water that directly link back to a traumatic experience or a death in your past life. These can also manifest as the fear of speaking up, or following your intuition.

Many in the spiritual community are afraid of speaking up and practicing their spirituality without shame, because they were persecuted for it in a past life. One of my fears was of cutting my hair and feeling my power taken away with it.

2. Gifts and Wisdom

Just as we can bring over fears and phobias from our past lives, we can also bring over gifts and wisdom. It is said that what comes naturally to us is what we have practiced over many lifetimes, and I’d have to agree.

You will find that you possess an intuitive knowledge about specific topics that seem to come from nowhere – this is due to the experiences we had to past lives. You’ll also find that specific psychic abilities, physical skills and qualities come to you naturally.

When we begin tuning into our energy body during meditation, we start to recover the memories that we held in past lives. Similar to how we may lose our native language if we stop using it, these gifts are simply waiting for us to become reacquainted with them again.

3. Chakra Blockages

Our most prominent chakra blockage is usually related to the lessons we are still learning from past lives. As I touched on before, for a lot of tuned in spiritual people this manifests as a strong throat chakra blockage. This life becomes a test at how well you can express yourself without the same fear you felt before.

For me the throat chakra in particular has always been blocked, I knew there was something deeper going on. No matter how many visualization exercizes I did the blockage remained, and it was only when I retrieved the past life memories pertaining to my throat chakra that things cleared up.

Often when I do energy readings for others I can sense these chakra blockages clear as day, and even gain a snapshot into what traumas they may relate to. What’s important here is that we do not beat ourselves up about these blockages and instead meet them with compassion.

Most common past life chakra blockages:

  • Fear around authentic expression (throat)
  • Disbelief in our intuition (solar plexus)
  • Blockage from higher consciousness (crown)

4. Familiar Locations

Have you ever visited a specific location for the first time and felt right at home? Almost as if you had been there many times before? This is a strong sign that you are recalling a past life. It is also common to have a strong affinity to certain ancient cultures, that seem to speak to your soul in some way.

Another type of past life connection is to different terrains and environments. You may find that you feel most at home by the sea even if you’ve lived elsewhere for the majority of this lifetime.

For me this is a deep connection to water; being surrounded by water instantly feels familiar. I find that streams and rivers are where my soul feels most at peace. When I’m near natural bodies of water I recall all of the lessons learned in this environment.

5. Your Soul Family

Just as we can recognize places and environments on a soul level, we can also recognize people this way too. We do not incarnate into this life alone, instead we come with a soul group that helps amplify the work we are here to do.

When you meet a member of your soul family it will feel as if you are meeting for the thousandth time. These are people you connect with instantly and communicate with a telepathic manner.

When you reconnect it’s as if no time has passed at all, because to the soul this connection has been going on for lifetimes. You will converse fluidly and be able to relate on strikingly similar life experiences and obstacles.

6. Past Life Dreams

Another way that past lives can present in this life is through the world of our dreams. Past lives can reemerge through our dreams especially lucid dreams and through our inner visions.

I remember receiving clues about my past lives in my inner vision years before I realized what they were about. Once I did the conscious work and retrieved more detailed information the pieces fell into place.

You may notice that you have recurring dreams that take place in a specific location or time period. Just as you can feel a sense of familiarity with physical locations, the same can be said for these dream locations.

Similarly it is common to receive vivid past life memories through dreams. You may constantly relive a specific event in your dream, see yourself doing a specific job in a past era, or even have nightmares pertaining to a painful memory.

My Past Life Experience

My past lives have been gradually coming to the surface for the last few years, sometimes vert subtly and other times it’s as though I’m reliving the experience all over again. Some of the information I receive is through my dreams, other times it’s through observing my current behaviors and lastly through conscious exploration.

My method is one of continued introspection, so I will ask myself a question pertaining to my past lives and spend a few minutes focused on it. I will then allow any insights, emotions, and visions to come through.

When I started doing this the information I received was vague, however the more I practiced this question and answer method the more came through. At some point along this journey I would begin meditating and notice a presence in the room – it was a scared version of me from a past life.

I vividly remember the experience of being chased through a forest with pitchforks. It was clear from this image that I was an outcast, I was being persecuted for my way of living/spirituality.

I started to notice that my throat chakra which was strongly blocked at the time was directly related to this experience. To survive in my past life I had to be very quiet about my true beliefs and so this was bought over to this life albeit with less intensity.

This life is all about working to integrating our past life gifts and wounds, to further refine our soul through the lessons that we learn. This work takes great care and preparation because we may uncover some deep traumas that haven’t seen light for some time.


2 thoughts on “How Your Past Lives Affect This Life”

  1. This site has been really helpful for me and I only just found it this morning! I also have a blocked throat Chakra, but I have an overactive heart chakra. I’m beginning the process of evening them out. Do you have any tips? My other chakras are regular. Thank you! I can’t wait to read all your articles.

    1. I find that’s a common imbalance. Learning to clearly express your boundaries in relationships will help strengthen the throat while developing the heart.

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