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Ascension Symptoms & How to Manage Them

manage ascension symptoms

We are in a time of mass awakening. More and more people are coming to the realization that the reality they take as concrete and easily defined…is not that way at all.

People are beginning to realize that the way forward involves awareness, of both of the self and of the collective. We are realizing that there is more to life than the work, eat, sleep cycle. We are coming to the knowledge there is more to reality than our five physical senses reveal.

As we go through a mindset shift we also observe very tangible physical, emotional and spiritual shifts that can be overwhelming for the uninitiated.

This process is known as ascension. In this post I want to explore what ascension is in more detail, and dispel some of the confusion that comes with experiencing ascension symptoms.

What is Ascension?

So, what exactly IS ascension?

Ascension is the gradual process of spiritual awakening; it comes after we have the light bulb moment. When we dedicate ourselves to the spiritual path and adopt a daily practice that brings more awareness into our day to day lives, our whole body-mind-spirit system begins upgrading.

Ascension is the practice of delving into our shadow (unconscious) with awareness and bringing forth our light. The end goal of ascension is to bring Heaven to Earth by grounding the spiritual into the physical.

This ascension process is also known as ascending into 5D. Shifting from 3D to 5D consciousness involves different energy shifts that include our physical, energetic and mental bodies.

Common Signs and Symptoms of Ascension

signs of ascension

Ascension occurs on both a personal and collective level, as we ascend personally we raise the vibration of every other living being and Mother Earth.

It is commonly believed that we are already in 5D and that we have already made the shift. Not long ago it was believed that when we arrived at 5D we would leave behind those that didn’t ascend and enter a New Earth.

However ascension is not like traveling to a new country on a areoplane, instead it is a personal journey that we take from the inside out. Right now we can observe a very clear mismatch between the personal and collective – there is still a lag between the two.

Energetic Symptoms

  • Vivid dreams
  • Spontaneous out of body experiences
  • Chakra activation
  • Hearing frequencies (sometimes referred to as ringing in the ears)
  • Feeling out of place
  • Mood swings
  • Old trauma/memories resurfacing
  • Shift in perception of time

The first set of symptoms you might experience when going through ascension are energetic/emotional.

Part of shifting into 5D is the activation of the lightbody; this is the non-physical body which is composed of energy. When we become aware of our lightbody we experience an array of non-physical phenomenon.

Most common are feeling tingles, twitches and vibrations through the body as we adjust to an influx of new energy flow. It’s common for our dreams to become increasingly vivid and for waking life to take on a dream-like quality.

Another common symptom is hearing high pitched frequencies, which is another way we start to process new flows of energy. Sometimes this frequency can be a form of communication from our guides, other times we are picking up interference from the surrounding environment.

When I began the ascension process it literally felt as if I had been transported to a different dimension overnight! I felt out of place as if I was in a dream and the behavior of the people around me seemed to shift.

It’s because of this mismatch between personal and collective ascension that we can feel out of place, as if we are somewhere else entirely. Instead we have learned how to view the old through new eyes.

Physical Ascension Symptoms

  • Heightened irritability and anxiety
  • Headaches
  • Body twitches
  • Disrupted sleeping patterns
  • Purging/detoxing

This is not intended as medical advice. Please consult a medical health professional if these are persistent symptoms for you.

One aspect that we overlook when it comes to ascension are the physical symptoms. We may falsely compartmentalize the spiritual and physical, when in fact our being acts as a system, any shifts we make on an energetic level have a physical consequence.

As we cleanse ourselves on an energetic level our physical body goes through a similar cleanse, and so many of the physical symptoms we experience will manifest as a flu or detox. It’s important that we take these physical symptoms seriously!

The increased awareness of our physical body during the ascension process can highlight ailments that we have long ignored. For example headaches, disrupted sleep patterns and anxiety can all highlight what is imbalanced in our physical body.

Improving your sleeping patterns, eating better and being aware of your anxiety will all help make the ascension process smoother. Don’t be afraid to seek medical advice where it’s necessary, and tend to the physical side as much as the energetic.

How to Manage Ascension Symptoms


Ascension can often sound like one big nightmare – where you’ll be experiencing symptoms that sound like a major illness. While some of the symptoms of ascension can be unnerving, it’s super important that any physical health issues that arise as a result of this shift are properly tended to.

As you go along you should not continue experiencing overwhelming headaches, twitches, muscle soreness, anxiety, sleep issues and so on. Once you are accumulated to the new energy flow, you’ll experience some of these symptoms but not in a debilitating manner.

Take care of your physical health

One of the best ways to ease ascension symptoms is to take care of your physical body and health. The clearer our physical vessel is the clearer the higher vibrational information we receive will be.

Persistent aches and pain, headaches, sleep problems, and other problematic symptoms, should be addressed by a healthcare professional. Don’t ignore health problems that become apparent due to the extra awareness.

Shift your mindset

The next thing you can do while navigating ascension symptoms is to shift your mindset. I find that while on the spiritual path it is easy to prioritize the spiritual over the physical, which leads to imbalances and feeling like your head is in the clouds.

Ascension isn’t about prioritizing the spiritual over the physical, but learning how to balance the two. During your ascension process be mindful to tend to your physical duties, keep a consistent but flexible routine, socialize and take care of your health.

We tend to think we have to go all in when it comes to raising our vibration, when in reality we can bring gentle spiritual awareness to all of our daily activities. Wash the dishes, eat your meals and do your work mindfully. This will ease the sense that you are all over the place and gently bring you into deeper balance.

Ground your energy

The final practice I recommend during ascension is energy grounding. This can be done in the ways described above by combining seemingly mundane activities with awareness, but it can also be done with visualization.

Take a few deep breaths from your stomach and become aware of your physical body. As you breathe in visualize energy flowing upward from the Earth into the soles of your feet. Bring this energy up through the back side of your body, over your crown, back down the front side of your body and finally into the Earth.

Another great way to ground your energy is by taking a warm bath with a few cups of Epsom or Himalayan salt. Go for a mindful walk paying attention each breath and step as you do so. Walk barefoot in your garden and feel the earth beneath your feet.

There is not one path to ascension, instead use this as a rough guide. As you walk your unique path you’ll begin to tap into your higher self and intuition, which will act as your guidance system.


1 thought on “Ascension Symptoms & How to Manage Them”

  1. I am very excited about what is happening in our World. I experienced so many symptoms but having fibromyalgia, I was just experiencing the same. However after a couple of month…the pain from fibromyalgia is gone and I’m only experiencing being tired from time to time. My slight headaches goes away almost immediately. Four different time, I experienced my whole condo, bed and me vibrating all night and gone the next day. I am not only experiencing ringing of different tones in my head….I am get songs being repeated over and over.this started when I first heard of the fifth dimension. I have been awaken for about forty years now and I love what I know. I’ve had so many magical miracles including several that saved my life. I am having trouble getting into my deep stages of meditation. I want to thank you for this post.

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