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The Spiritual Meaning of Seeing 555

Spiritual Meaning of Seeing 555

Numbers are one of the easiest ways that the Universe can talk to us. Before sending us more detailed guidance and symbolism, numbers work as an easy prompt that we are on the right path and to keep moving forward with focus.

Repeating numbers like 111, 1212 or 555 in this case all hold a specific meaning which varies from person to person, sometimes a universal guide will not be useful for you. Although there are certain themes that remain the same with Universal messages for all of us.

If you are seeing the number 555 all the time or have just started seeing it recently after seeing other number sequences, you’ve come to the right place. In this post I will talk about some of the meanings attached to 555 and how to use this synchronicity to your advantage.

555 Number Meaning

555 Number Meaning

When I first started seeing 555 everywhere I had already been seeing 111, 11:11, and 333 for some time. It was almost as if the numbers I was seeing had started to progress. I knew this message had something to do with progression but wanted more detailed information.

Before researching anything I wanted to see if I could find out what this sequence meant on my own and then see how closely that lined up with other people’s interpretations. So I asked my spirit guides for a message that was pertinent to this number.

I instantly saw the image of a pair of hands that flashed three times then I got the word “creator”. I instantly thought about the creativity we associate with hands, the five elements and senses.

The very next day I saw a post on my timeline about Shiva relating to the number 5 and how he is known as the creator and destroyer. It all started to click for me!

Seeing 555 for me meant that I was progressing in my ability to create and destroy. I also had to be extra careful with my thoughts and emotions as they would quickly manifest into physical reality.

You Are Progressing on Your Spiritual Path

This one may sound a little vague but often what you will find with number synchronicity like these is that they gradually progress upward. When you first start committing to a daily spiritual practice you may start seeing 111, a few weeks later 222, then 333 and so on.

It’s as if you are climbing up a vibrational ladder and becoming more and more open to the spiritual guidance that is all around us. Although this isn’t the case for everyone so do not be discouraged if you are seeing an opposite trend.

After numbers you’ll tend to find that spiritual guidance comes to you in more subtle and detailed manners. As your level of awareness grows the messages you receive will require a sharper eye and more discernment.

You Are Becoming a Master Creator

The big theme of 555 is becoming master creator, or a conscious creator. This means you are no longer being pushed around unconsciously but are focusing your energy on the things that uplift you and further push you along your path.

Being a conscious creator is when we start working with the Law of Attraction manifestation diligently, when we realize that our persistent thoughts and emotions shift our physical reality. We are open to a 4D consciousness that is outside of the 3D limitations.

In this way we become skilled at shifting time and space; reality becomes a lot flexible for us. Along with this ability to shift reality by shifting our internal state, we have a lot more responsibility.

555 is a call to be more vigilant than before, be mindful of the things you think about that are taking you off track. Be mindful of the emotions you dwell on as these are quickly shifting your reality.

Your Creativity Is Awakening

The last major message that comes with seeing 555 is that we are tuning into our creativity. The passions we have been putting off for so long can no longer be ignored, instead we are becoming intuitively drawn to them.

So often as we live our 3D lives we become distracted from our true purpose here. Many will find that after/during a spiritual awakening you will start picking up old hobbies that you abandoned because of other obligations.

When we are consistent with our spiritual practice we tap into a well of insight which can be expressed best through creativity. This can be anything from drawing and painting to dance and even working out. There are so many ways that Source energy moves through us.

If you have always wanted to do creative work such as writing, drawing, dance, whatever it may be, 555 is the perfect sign to go ahead with it. It’s a sign that as you create your reality you can also create the type of ‘job’ that truly suits you.

The Number 555 & Synchronicity

These are the messages and themes that come through for me relating to the number 555 and so what you find might be different. When it comes to synchronicity the best way to figure out what it means for you is to simply pay attention.

Start to write down what time you see a synchronicity, note where you were, notice how it made you feel. Along with keeping a synchronicity journal, keep a journal about the themes reoccurring in your day to day life.

When you put the two side by side you will start to notice a pattern. You will see that different synchronicities and messages show up in your life at different times. Usually a synchronicity like this will be related to the last weeks and months in your life. You can then use this information to discern what a sign means for you.


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