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How to Consciously Shift Your Vibration

shift your energy vibration

There’s a lot of talk about raising your vibration in the spiritual community, but a whole lot of confusion around what exactly it means and how to do it.

What exactly is our vibration? How do we figure out which vibration we are at? How do we shift this with intent?

The information on this subject tends to be pretty vague and although that can serve a purpose too, today I want to bring some specific visualizations you can do to raise your energetic frequency.

Our vibration is like our inner compass with the world around us being the waves. When our vibration is consistently low the world around is becomes heavy and bleak, whereas when our vibration is consistently high the world around us becomes light and uplifting.

Take a look around you, what do you see? Is the world a cold, dark and hopeless place? Or do you see opportunities and warmth everywhere? Now look at your consistent relationships, what do you see here? Do you feel isolated, misunderstood, and cynical? Or do you find friends everywhere you go?

Everyone looks at the world from a unique perspective; even when the circumstances and external environment are exactly the same, one person can view it as an opportunity and another can view it as a curse. This is our vibration.

Our consistent emotions, thoughts and patterns make up the filter that we view the world through. So when someone is consistently in low vibrational energy such as anger, sadness, jealousy, the world around them reflects this.

When we raise our vibration we are essentially shifting this filter to one that sees more opportunities for growth, love, and success. When we are consistently in a higher vibration the way we see the world shifts too. We open ourselves up to more perspectives, more flow and more opportunities.

Remember that the words high and low are simply descriptive. There is nothing wrong with having a lower vibration and having a higher vibration doesn’t make you better than someone else. When we judge our emotions like this or put them into a hierarchy, and we become absorbed in them instead of aware of them.

How to Tune Into Your Own Energy

How to Tune Into Your Own Energy

What I want you to do is to get into a comfortable seated or lying position and take a few minutes to focus on your breath. Once your mind has settled a little, start to notice how you FEEL. Notice if your body is tense or relaxed, if your thoughts are racing or flowing peacefully.

Now tune into the most prominent emotion you feel right now. It doesn’t matter if this is a positive or negative emotion, what matters is that you simply become aware of it. Notice how this emotion feels in your body.

Is the emotion heavy or light? Does it envelope your entire body or feel isolated to one area? Try to describe this emotion with as much detail as possible. Assign a color, texture, size and weight to this emotion.

You may want to write these descriptions down in a journal or notepad. Creating an inner language like this will be useful later when you want to work with your energy more diligently.

Releasing Low Vibrational Energy

When you are feeling low vibrations such as sadness, anger, fear, you want to start the process of releasing them from your body. Sit with the emotion for as long as you need. Figure out the events, people or places the emotion is associated with, see what stories your mind has created to justify said emotion.

This part of so important, instead of bypassing or ignoring our emotions we must give them space to breathe. We have to give them the chance to speak and tell us why there are there, otherwise they will only resurface in more insidious forms later.

Referring back to the description you assigned to this emotion earlier you can begin to release it. Perhaps it has a heaviness to it, isolate where the emotion is located in your body, and feel it getting lighter and lighter until it dissolves.

Perhaps it feel like it is engulfing your entire body, feel the emotions shrinking smaller and smaller until it is only a pinprick, then let it go. Adjust this visualization technique depending on how the emotion feels, letting your intuition guide the way.

I wrote an entire guidebook & journal, Self Love Manifestations, to help you through this process of raising your vibration.

Raising Your Vibration

Raising Your Vibration

On the other hand you may be feeling bliss, joy, gratitude or love. With these high vibration emotions you’ll do the same thing and describe them in detail. Tune into this emotion further and visualize/feel it spreading across your whole body.

Next start to imagine myself as a magnet. As the emotion spreads through your body imagine that your magnetism intensifying. As you do this you are attracting things which resonate with said emotion. If you are feeling joy you are pulling joyful people, places and experiences into your field.

This technique works because we have a physical body but also an energy body which functions like a magnet. When we are in a low vibration our energy body is pulling in more low vibrational things into our field, these eventually materialize physically.

In the same way, when we experience high vibrational emotions our energy body pulls more high vibrational things into our field which then come to fruition in our physical environment. This releasing and magnetizing exercize helps you become conscious of this and shift your energy accordingly.

Manifesting and Vibrational Frequency

You might be wondering: why is this important, why is it worth doing?

When we hear people talking about raising our vibration it can sound vague and wishy-washy, we raise our vibration and then what?

By getting in tune with our energy we are able to better understand and therefore attend to our own needs. Many people are completely unaware or confused about how to approach their emotions, so by creating a language around them you can understand them better.

Being able to consciously release, amplify and shift our internal emotional state is also crucial to manifestation. When we are solely dependent on our external environment for how we feel we become like a yo-yo, riding an uncontrollable rollercoaster of emotion.

Instead, when we are able to regulate our emotions we can maintain uplifted emotions for longer and release lower vibrational emotions quicker. Manifesting requires us to maintain a steady vibration so that what we wish to attract has enough time to materialize.

Being able to pull states of bliss, peace and relaxation into our bodies despite what our external environment looks like, allows us to manifest from within even when the outside looks bleak.

Working with our emotions in this way also means that on a physical level we can consciously calm our nervous system. Most of us are in a constant fight or flight state – our bodies are always tense and heavy.

When we are locked into this fight or flight state simply shifting our thoughts is not enough, we have to dig deep into our emotions and release the density we feel.

Once we do this not only does our physical body become relaxed but our energy body can come online – they are intimately connected. Our energy is no longer focused on this protection mechanism but can flow freely to manifesting our desires into physical form.


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