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7 Signs You Are an ‘Old Soul’

Signs You Are an Old Soul

Our souls don’t have a linear age like we do in years here on Earth, we can’t pinpoint an exact birthdate or time.

However we can trace our soul’s journey through the cosmos like rings on a tree; with the grooves that form as a result of the different lifetimes and lessons we went through. 

An old soul is one deeply embodies ancient wisdom, who carries the awareness of past lives beyond the physical. An old soul’s mission if you will, is to bring this knowledge to Earth.

Being an old soul can be extremely isolating and confusing at times, but it doesn’t have to be.

In this article I want to explain how to know if you are an old soul, and ways you can manage this awareness.

Are you an old soul?

You enjoy solitude 

One of the biggest signs that you are an old soul is that you enjoy solitude. I see there being two times of aloneness: one where we isolate ourselves out of fear and another where we are simply comfortable in our own skin.

This second type of aloneness is a good indicator that you have integrated a lot of the lessons your soul came here to learn. You can still appreciate and enjoy other people’s company, but feel secure within yourself. 

An old soul may find solace simply being alone at home, or may enjoy spending time alone in nature, by the beach or high up in the mountains. There’s a sense that you have everything you need wherever you are. 

Even when we are alone on a physical level it doesn’t really feel that way, because we feel our connection to everything around us so deeply. We call on our guides, angels or ancestors as another form of company and guidance.

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You are spiritually aware 

Another sign you are an old soul is a natural inclination towards spiritual topics – you enjoy researching and talking about the stars, nature, and all those things that are often brushed aside as woo woo

You often sense that there is more to this physical reality than we assume and go on a journey to learn more. It’s easy to feel misunderstood because of this, but you will likely feel so sure in your intuition that it really doesn’t matter.

Many old souls will find that psychic ability comes as naturally as breathing. They stumble into metaphysics through following this natural desire to learn more, and see beyond what we take as reality. You may also feel that you are here on Earth to fulfill a specific mission, and bring forth wisdom.

You are highly intuitive 

Similar to being spiritually inclined, you’ll find that you are also highly intuitive. When you give advice it can come from a place of inner-knowing. You are adept at interacting with a wide variety of people, from different walks of life and age groups.

A common physic ability for old souls is claircognizance which is of clear-knowing. This is where you pick up on important information before it comes to light, you can see what is coming up, you just know things.

You may find that you have a natural knowledge that seemingly comes from nowhere. You are often an over-thinker, but are able to deconstruct and put information back together.

You are well grounded 

An old soul is one who is spiritually aware but physically grounded. Many times we go to either extreme of this spectrum, where we either ignore spirituality completely or neglect our physical duties. 

An old soul has an innate understanding that both the physical and spiritual are important, that bringing the two together is how we create balance. 

Eventhough you may have a deep connection with the stars and far our planets, there’s a knowing that you are here on Earth for a specific reason, that a specific duty needs to be fulfilled.

People come to you for advice 

Another sign that you are an old soul is that people are naturally drawn to you for advice. Even at a young age people looked to you for insight or treated you with a certain respect. 

People know that when they come to you for guidance, what they receive will be well-thought through and balanced.  An old soul is able to see the larger picture, and lay out all the possible paths someone can take.

In this way, old souls tend to be over-thinkers, always analyzing and shifting for truth. When this over-thinking is managed it can become the old soul’s great gift, developing a balanced intuition.

You enjoy the company of older people 

It’s common for old souls to feel as if they do not ‘fit in’, especially amongst their own age group. As a child you were naturally drawn to older people, perhaps teachers or older relatives.

One of the key characteristics of an old soul is feeling like an older person trapped in a younger person’s body. People are often assuming you are older than you are, not necessarily in appearance but in how you interact with the world.

You value the simple things

At the core an old soul is someone who values the simple things in life: the stars, nature, human connections. Old souls find solace in nature because this is where energy flows more slowly and consistently.

Outside of the big cities we find that life slows down and there is more time to take in everything. This is where a lot of old souls can feel isolated and lonely. It can be hard to fit into traditional social groups and lifestyles.

How to thrive as an old soul

While being an old soul can lonely and confusing as we’ve discussed, it can also be a great gift. You are able to bring forth wisdom, advice and help for those who need it.

As an old soul it is extremely important to identify where your skillset is and what knowledge you would like to share. This will allow you to funnel your energy productively into something that you can build over time.

Old souls may be drawn to teaching, writing, art or working in nature . I think it’s important to keep in mind that spiritual awareness doesn’t have to conflict with our physical lives, rather it serves to make our physical lives more fulfilling.

In conclusion

You may feel like an old soul without wanting to adopt the label, because ultimately this is a mindset or way of being over anything else. Being an old soul doesn’t make us superior or inferior to anyone else, instead it is simply a difference how we view and interact with the world.

It’s common to shift from a broad label such as old soul to something more specific over time, as you tune into and develop your more specific skillset.


4 thoughts on “7 Signs You Are an ‘Old Soul’”

  1. I am an old soul and have said
    So for time now. You just proved it on paper lol. I’m having a problem that has been hopeless for sometime now. I used to write poetry, insight, into feelings when I was younger. I could feel the energies all around me, especially in nature. I have been blocked for many years now, unable to write or feel anything around me. I have had no mentor in my life and just been learning thru trial and error. I know what I believe and have no doubt what-so-ever. I have acknowledged that I was an empath, able to feel others emotions, and that I can not turn off even when I want to. If you could provide me any insite on this it would be much appreciated. Thank you.

    1. My advice is to just start very simply with a daily connection exercize.

      Give yourself a few minutes each day to fully focus on your breath, body and mind. Ask: How am I feeling? What am I thinking? What needs shifting?

      Pay special attention to how the body and heart FEELS. From there work your way up to longer sessions.

  2. .. I’m really trying to find out why I feel different .. the groups I’m following and drawn to are .. white witches .. arcturian and pleiadian starseeds .. empaths and awakened souls .. empaths and old souls .. Wicca for beginners.. I could go on .. I’m sending love out to the universe and meditating hoping to meet my spirit animal .. what am I searching for ? .. has anybody else felt like me ? 🙏🏽

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