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Semen Retention & Chakra Activation

Semen Retention Chakra Activation

Semen retention or as it is commonly known, ‘no fap’, has endless benefits, some more obvious than others. One of the lesser known upsides to this practice is how it impacts the chakra system.

The sexual energy takes rises up from the root chakra; this is where we experience physical urges and desires, but as we retain this energy it starts to manifest in more subtle ways.

This energy moves up through the chakras, into the heart, third eye and crown, and we may notice different shifts in our body.

In this post I want to explore the link between semen retention and chakra activation – what to expect and how to navigate this process.

What is semen retention?

If you are on this page then I assume you have an idea of what semen retention is, but I will provide some context for those who don’t.

Semen retention, no fap or sexual transmutation is the process of retaining our sexual energy for its other benefits.

What many people do not realize is that sexual energy is also creative energy. It wants to move and be expressed, but that doesn’t always have to be through direct expulsion.

This is a practice suitable for most people, but is particularly beneficial for those who identify that they have a problem with their sexual urges and want to create more balance.

Retaining our sexual energy for longer periods of time has many physical, mental, emotional, and of course spiritual upsides.

  • More energy & focus
  • Deeper emotional awareness
  • Sharper self awareness
  • Clearer intuition
  • Higher quality relationships overall

Sexual energy is a natural thing, we shouldn’t try to stop this urge completely nor would we want to. Instead semen retention is a practice in developing more discipline and getting to know ourselves and others on a deeper level. I recommend starting with a few days more than you’d usually abstain from sexual stimulation. See how you go and build up from there.

However in order to see the impacts of your sexual energy on the chakras you’ll have to hold your sexual energy for longer periods of time. In my guidebook I recommend 28 days, as this allows your sexual energy to build up through all the phases of the moon.

This gives the sexual energy time to build and then eventually overflow from one chakra to another, without much conscious force or pressure. As this happens we get to see the higher manifestations of each chakra’s energy.

How sexual transmutation affects the 7 chakras

sexual transmutation chakras

Each chakra has a ‘higher’ and ‘lower’ expression. This is just a simple way to categorize things, but there is of course more nuance.

When we are coming from a purely physical level these chakras will be expressed in imbalanced and detrimental ways. Working with our sexual energy beyond just a physical or emotional level, is one way to get out of this base level of expression. Cultivating sexual energy also bring more life-force or chi up to these chakras and allows for them to be more deeply activated.

You can imagine the chakras as battery in this instance – the more energy we retain the more energy each chakra can make use of.

Root chakra

An imbalanced root chakra is expressed through purely physical sexual attraction, urges and desires; there is no deeper connection and we stay in lust.

When a more cultivated sexual energy moves through the root chakra, we can experience deeper physical connection, but we admire beauty and can eventually see past just the body.

Sacral chakra

The sacral chakra is the ‘sexual chakra’ in a sense, it also governs our creative expression as a byproduct of this. When we express this chakra solely physically, we create in order to gain validation or operate in survival mode.

When we activate this chakra to a higher level, we create for a wider purpose: to help others and to connect sexually in a more loving manner.

Solar plexus chakra

The solar plexus is all about personal power and will. When we have an imbalanced solar plexus chakra we end up taking loads of action without a clear goal in mind. Our actions feel tiring and meaningless, we operate like a bull in a china shop.

As we bring our cultivated sexual energy through this chakra we will be called to take more aligned action, guided by our intuition rather than by the ego or societal pressure. Our actions will hold more energetic weight and therefore have a deeper impact.

Heart chakra

One of the main aims of sexual transmutation is to bring the sexual energy up through the heart center. This is so that we can express this energy in a more balanced and conscious way, rather than pure lust or to be in control.

Bringing our sexual energy up to this level not only allows us to have deeper connections (romantic or otherwise ) with others, but also bring more awareness to the love we are withholding from ourselves.

Throat chakra

Next we have the throat chakra, which governs our expression particularly vocal. When this chakra is activated we can better communicate our needs (in all areas). We will be guided to speak up more often, and use our voice in a creative context.

Third eye chakra

Once the sexual energy reaches the two highest main chakras we will begin to see more obvious ‘spiritual’ benefits – although all chakras come with these.

The third eye governs intuition and vision. When this chakra is properly activated we will be able to set better goals for ourselves, plan and see different opportunities we’ve overlooked. We’ll also feel more connected to others on an energetic level.

Crown chakra

The last of the seven main chakras is the crown, this center governs our connection to God or Source. When our sexual energy builds up and overflow this chakra we are likely to experience deep levels of spiritual connection, peace, joy and bliss.

When we cultivate sexual energy, as I call it the ‘inner flame‘, all of the emotions we have avoided with unconscious sexual expression come up to the surface to be integrated and released.

What I mean by this is that when we are expressing our sexual energy unconsciously, automatically, there is usually strong emotions we are trying to avoid. When we no longer have this outlet, we have to face our loneliness, boredom, anger, fear head on.

This brings more awareness to any chakra blockages we haven’t attended to.

How to circulate sexual energy

There is no need to force this process. As we cultivate sexual energy it naturally builds in the lower chakras, and when its ready it will overflow into each successive higher chakra until it reaches the crown.

If we try to force this process we will just create more problems and encourage an imbalanced opening of each energy center. But I do recommend consistently circulating your sexual energy as you retain it.

Keep a consistent meditation practice as you are building this energy and take some time each day to breathe deeply. As you inhale, feel this energy flowing up through the body/chakras. As you exhale, feel this energy flowing back down your body and into the Earth.

This circulation of the sexual energy will help it flow upward more evenly throughout the chakras, and prevent it from stagnating at the root and lower chakras – where it is wants to be expressed purely physically. If we circulate this energy we are less likely to give into our temporary urges and desires.

This practice shouldn’t be about shaming yourself or forcing the sexual energy to stay contained. Build up a practice gradually and go in with the right intentions. It’s not about depriving yourself but building more discipline. We all have different capacities for this.


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