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Seeing Blue Light During Meditation

blue light during meditation

A regular meditation practice brings with it a myriad of visual and energetic experiences. Some with obvious meanings, others come with a little more confusion. Seeing colors is one of the most common phenomenon people report.

In today’s post I want to briefly touch on what seeing blue during meditation means.

Many people report seeing a blue color, light, energy, or a blue pearl. Seeing different colors is a common experience during meditation, however someone stick out more than others.

When I started working with my chakras consistently there was one time in meditation where I suddenly perceived a blue pearl. I wasn’t imagining or visualizing it, I just saw it as if it was right in front of me – as ‘real’ as anything physical.

When I researched and found that other people had seen the same thing, it was clear that there is this collective consciousness we are all tapping into. I knew it on an intellectual level, but having this direct experience was refreshing.

Blue connects to the throat chakra, which governs our sense of expression, particularly vocal expression.

So sometimes when we see this blue color it means we should focus on the throat chakra. Speak up more, clarify our boundaries, express ourselves in different ways.

Blue can also link to the third eye chakra, and you are seeing an aspect of it. Seeing this blue color can make us feel uplifted, calm, connected. Bring a little awareness to the color, but don’t overthink what it means or exactly how you should focus.

The blue pearl/nila bindu

blue pearl meditation

The blue pearl is also known as the nila bindu, a point in the crown chakra that is the ‘seed of consciousness’ or ‘higher soul’.

This blue pearl is an initiation into our intuition. Through observing this blue pearl we observe our true nature.

Any meditations or yoga poses that target the crown chakra can encourage the appearance of this blue pearl or blue light.

What is your experience with the blue light or blue pearl?


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