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How To Increase Your Sensitivity To Energy

increase sensitivity to energy

‘Everything is energy’ as the saying goes, and it really is as simple as that! Everything from our physical bodies to the wider Universe is made up of energy.

We casually reference energy all of the time when describing our moods, peoples’ personalities, the vibe we get from a place, but rarely do we go deeper than that.

With practice we can tune into the energy around us and gain a lot of valuable insight. The sharper our intuition, the easier it is to navigate both positive and negative experiences.

You might find that you are already sensitive to energy and want to go further with things. Or you might feel strongly disconnected from the world around you, and want to tune in more. In today’s post I wanted to share some simple ways you can increase your sensitivity to energy, and how it will benefit you.

What is spiritual energy?

There are many ways we can refer to energy – spiritually, scientifically, socially. Two people using the word energy, even to refer to the same thing, can have very different interpretations of what it means.

For the purposes of this post I am referring to energy in a spiritual context. Energy goes by many different names depending on the tradition you pull from: prana, chi, qi or ki, life-force, subtle energy, vibes etc.

Generally speaking, these terms acknowledge the interconnectedness of things beyond a physical level. For the most part we’re not talking about something we can measure with physical instruments, but something we can all feel.

There are numerous spiritual practices that focus on increasing this flow of life-force energy throughout the body, with very specific preparations and processes so that we do not become overwhelmed.

There are far too many to cover in this one post, however you will find that bringing a little awareness to your energy goes a long way. We can gain clearer insight on how we are feeling and why, what we need, and what we can offer to the world. We will notice an increase in our intuition, concentration and general wellbeing.

One of the things I keep in mind as I cultivate a deeper spiritual practice, is that I am living in the city. It doesn’t always provide the best tools or environment for this sort of work.

I’m sure many of you relate to the frustration that can come with this. Living within structures that simply aren’t designed for the human spirit.

There are so many additional stressors, distractions and pollutants that we have to clear away before we even get a clean slate to work from.

Acknowledging this, I realized that I would need to focus on reducing the distractions that I could.

Mindfulness exercise for feeling energy

feel energy

Each of our five physical senses has a corresponding spiritual sense, this includes our sense of taste and smell which are often overlooked.

Where we can find ways to reduce these inputs we can better tune into each spiritual sense.

I noticed a difference in my sensitivity the minute I stopped adding, or reduced, the amount of sugar and salt to the food I ate.

When listening to music, playing it at a lower volume which required a little more focus – you quickly adjust.

Of course we can also reduce visual overstimulation, through closing our eyes for a few minutes throughout the day, with a regular meditation practice.

Daily practice for increasing sensitivity:

  • At the start of your day, preferably before you do anything else, make a cup of warm tea with no added sweetener.
  • Hold the cup in your hands, focusing to the heat between them.
  • Slowly and deliberately sip your cup of tea.
  • Once you have finished your tea, give thanks.

You want to do this for about ten minutes. While you are doing so, refrain from any media consumption or other distractions.

On a physical level it is important that we are eating and drinking clean, that we are spending time in nature, that we are compensating for our environment in that way.

But it’s also important to reduce the background excesses (if we want to progress spiritually) that we become so accustomed to – that we aren’t even aware of when living in the city, or even the country, in such a distracting world!

When increasing our sensitivity to energies, we also want to consciously set new boundaries. It’s no use increasing our awareness if that will only overwhelm us.

The more sensitive you are to energy, the more aware you are going to be when something is out of alignment. So it will be important to speak on this, and protect your energy in that way.

If you are already sensitive to energy, then a mindfulness practice is going to help ease some of that anxiety you feel.

Any form of self-care will help bring the focus back in, and make it easier to stay grounded and stop taking on other people’s stuff so heavily.


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