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Full Moon Ritual for Letting Go

Full Moon Ritual Letting Go

The Full Moon comes about once every 28-9 days. This phase of the Moon is heavily tied to human emotions, and cycles in the body.

On an energetic level this is a great time to let go; you could see it as a time for conclusions. The light of the Moon illuminates everything we haven’t addressed internally. It illuminated old patterns and our relationships.

In today’s blog post I wanted to share how to do that with specific steps. You can make your Full Moon rituals as simple or as complex as you’d like, but what really matters is your intention.

In the past I saw the Full Moon as representing tumultuousness. I would notice how heightened my emotions would be and how difficult it was to navigate certain relationships around this time.

Just as the Moon is full, we become full of sensations, emotions, thoughts. There is a negative association with this, if we aren’t used to confronting our emotions so directly.

Be conscious of how you view this time and your emotions as an extension of this. Being full of emotions can be a positive thing – we can become full on joy and peace if we choose to.

Full Moon release ritual

This ritual is most effective for letting go of people, places and things – anything you can get a clear image of in your mind. Although you can adjust it slightly to let go of emotional or mental patterns too.

  1. Hold an image of the person, place or thing you want to release in your mind.
  2. Notice how your body feels with this thing firmly in focus. Which parts of your body feel tense or heavy? If you would like to release a mental or emotional pattern, think of how you feel after acting on it. Where do you feel the shame, guilt, heaviness?
  3. Zone in on these areas of your body. Breathe deeply and feel your breath/energy flowing into them. Feel the tension and heaviness gently ease up.
  4. Sit with this relative sense of peace or calm for a few minutes and affirm ‘I am letting go of_’ and follow up with ‘I welcome in _’ to affirm the opposite. End your ritual with gratitude.

This ritual can be used on the day of the Full Moon itself, but also in the days before and after if you miss it. This energy lingers for a few days each way, so there is still a powerful window to release energy.

You will probably have to come back to this exercise a few times on different days in order to see a clear result. Letting go isn’t a one and done thing, and it is going to look different for everyone.

Rarely does letting go mean we won’t think of something or encounter it again, but when we do we can approach it with deeper peace.

The reason this ritual works is because every person, place, thing or pattern leaves a distinct energetic impression on us, that will linger strongly in specific parts of the body.

It’s not so much about letting go of something completely – as if it never existed or did no damage – but in cultivating more peace towards it.

Look at where the most tension resides in your body and look up which chakra/center takes up that space to get more context on what might be blocked, and therefore what needs to be cleared.

For example, if your solar plexus area tenses up during this exercise, you might want to set some stronger boundaries as this chakra governs personal power.

You might feel your throat clogging up when holding the image of a place/environment that you didn’t feel safe to express yourself (speak up) in.

Visualiazing your chakras unblocking in this way can go a long way, but often we have to accompany this with physical action. To make a commitment to speak up in new spaces, own our power or whatever action applies and not just fall back into old habits by default.

When we are letting go we don’t want to place all of our focus on the thing we are releasing, this can have the opposite effect energetically. We can unintentionally amplify the frustration or anxiety we have to said thing.

Letting go isn’t about the person, place or thing, but how we decide to interact with them/it. This ritual allows us to acknowledge what is pulling us down, what is blocked, but brings our awareness back into the body.

After you complete your Full Moon ritual it can be helpful to record your experience in a journal. Over a year you can look back and see how the different Full Moons have affected you and the themes that came up.

Include the date and Moon name/sign. This can give you great insight into what needs to be released when. Different Full Moons bring up a different energy in us and so often there are recurring themes.

Do you do any Full Moon rituals?


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