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10 Powerful Affirmations for The New Moon

New Moon Affirmations

The new Moon is a time for setting new intentions, for planning, they welcome a new cycle.

Around the new Moon we have a small period of time to do rituals and focus our energy on a particular goal. However it can be difficult to know exactly what to do.

If you’ve noticed the new Moon is coming up but don’t have any ideas of how to use this energy effectively, I have some affirmations that will help.

Affirmations are a great way to begin something new and through speaking out loud or reciting them mentally, we are able to make it clear just what we want and what we are committed to.

What Does The New Moon Symbolize?

Working with the energy of the Moon phases is quite intuitive. We often feel what a particular Moon phase is about without even realizing it. Our focus shifts, our behavior changes, or there is a weird energy lingering in the air. It’s important to tune into these feelings and work with them.

The new Moon represents welcoming something new, while the Full Moon represents honoring what you are already full of. You can use similar affirmations for each Moon phase, the difference would be how you approach them.

The new Moon commonly represents new beginnings, planning and letting go.

The new Moon can also evoke the opposite feelings within us. We might feel a distinct emptiness, feel the sting of grief or the desire to hold on. When this is the case it will be important to honor them feelings, rather than trying to push them aside with the rituals you partake in.

10 Powerful New Moon Affirmations

Powerful New Moon Affirmations

I am open to new insight

This is one of my favorite affirmations for this new Moon because it brings us into a state of surrender. We acknowledge that (particularly on the spiritual path) there is always something new to learn.

When we think we know everything or our beliefs are set rigidly in stone, it becomes difficult to gain momentum. This is a practice in letting go.

I welcome new types of relationships

So often we get comfortable and complacent with the relationships we are currently maintaining. They feel familiar and they’ve worked up to this point, so why change what doesn’t need fixing?

Often when we are looking to make a big change in our lives, one of the first thing that happens is that our relationships shift. The people we surround ourselves with reflect the patterns we find ourselves in. This affirmation opens up that space.

I am taking aligned actions towards my goals

While it’s important to manage our energy wisely, and focus on the right things, not everything can be changed with a mindset alone.

When we have a goal and set our intentions on it, we are called to take action in new ways. The keyword here is ‘aligned’. Rather than taking action for the sake of action, moving in the direction of your intuition.

I call back my power

As you recite this affirmation visualize all of the energy you’ve exterted in disempowering dynamics flowing back to your solar plexus (our chakra of will and personal power).

New doors open for me

One of my favorite visualizations to go alongside an affirmation is to picture a door opening in front of me. On the other side of that door is whatever goal or intention I am aiming for.

I release what no longer serves me

Take a deep breath in and out as you say this affirmation. As you exhale, imagine all of the dense and heavy energy leaving your body. As you inhale, imagine your body filling up with light.

I am open to receiving something new
Similar to the door opening visualization. With this affirmation you can imagine that you are receiving a gift of some king from a guide or angel.

I look forward to new experiences

The new Moon is all about welcoming new experiencing, and this means getting comfortable with the unknown. You can affirm ‘the unknown holds positive outcomes too’ alongside this.

I forgive past versions of myself

There’s no better way to welcome something new than to practice forgiveness, and all forgiveness starts with yourself! Forgiving yourself for the things you tolerated when you didn’t know any better. Allow the purifying energy of forgiveness wash over you as you say this.

I invite abundance into my life

As you recite this affirmation think of all of the things abundance represents for you – these won’t all be material! Abundance also represents having a community behind you, having a collection of creative work, feeling joyous and peaceful. Simmer in the emotions having these things would bring up.

Take one verbatim from this list or put a personal spin on it. You can add extra details but try to keep things specific.

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How To Practice New Moon Affirmations

How To practice New Moon Affirmations

These affirmations aren’t complicated and using them doesn’t have to be either. You can recite these affirmations out loud or mentally, sitting down or standing in front of a mirror.

I personally recommend repeating these affirmations out loud in the front of a mirror for the best result. The reason for this is because saying the affirmation out loud makes it real, it’s not just a thought you could dismiss. Being in front of the mirror means having to confront yourself.

When we recite affirmations they can feel superficial or phoney, and this makes sense. We might be stating things that we don’t truly believe or think possible for ourselves.

As you are reciting your affirmation notice this disconnect. Notice the difference between what you are saying and how you are feeling. Focusing on sitting with and accepting that discomfort.

Through sitting with and accepting the conflict we feel we transform the affirmation into a tool for growth, rather than something that is automatic and feels frivolous.

Create a New Moon Ritual

Make reciting these affirmations into a full blown ritual by setting the scene a little. Play some relaxing music and light a candle. Recite your affirmation until you have exerted your energy on it. Once you have finished, blow out the candle.

Take things outside by writing your affirmation on a piece of paper first. Really focus as you are putting it onto paper, imagining your energy becoming infused with the material. Recite your affirmation the same as above. When you are finished burn the piece of paper and give thanks.

How to set New Moon intentions

If you’re having some success with setting intentions but feel something is missing, paying closer attention to celestial cycles can be extremely helpful. A Full Moon ritual each month focused your intention pulls everything together.

Intentions are a little different to affirmations in that you are specific with what exactly you are asking for. For example, pinpointing a specific field of work you want to go into or type of relationship you want.

You can start with some general affirmations and then develop these into something more specific over time.

The first thing you want to do is identify where you are. How does your current mindset and environment compare to the goal you’re wanting to set?

It’s no use setting big intentions if there isn’t some belief behind it, fear and doubt will easily get in the way.

Once you’ve accessed your current situation, pinpoint your next step forward. If your goal is to enter a certain field of work but it doesn’t feel attainable, set the intention to first meet people in that field.

Follow the same steps as you would with an affirmation. Writing your intention down, putting all of your energy into it, and then releasing it.

With each New Moon you can gradually move your intention another step forward.

I go into more depth about this process in my intention setting guide.

This advice is purely a guideline you can work with. Make sure you are tuning into your intuition and pinpointing what actually works for you so that you can fine-tune your ritual for next time.


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