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10 Powerful Affirmations for The Full Moon

full moon affirmations

The Full Moon is a powerful time to focus on the areas of our life which we’d like to grow and the things we’d like to let go of.

This is also a time where deeper repressed emotions come up the surface to be addressed. This a fertile period of time, and if we are prepared we can harness this energy.

If you are looking to do a Full Moon ritual but don’t know where to start, I have written 10 powerful affirmations you can put into practice.

What Does The Full Moon Symbolize?

The Full Moon is a time for rest and restoration. It is a time where we should focus on what we already have, what we are grateful for and the ways that we are just as full as the moon.

On the other hand, this can also be a time for release; to let go of some of the things that have been building up over the last month.

The Full Moon commonly represents fullness, completion and heightened emotions.

The Full Moon & heightened emotions

Another aspect of the Full Moon that I would really like to explore is its relation to heightened emotions. When we think of the negative associations that come with the Moon we are usually thinking of the Full Moon.

This Moon phase has a rich cultural context, we have the word lunatic which is derived from the Latin ‘luna’ for moon and ‘lūnāticus’ from Old Latin “moonstruck”. We have depictions of werewolves who come to life at this time of the month.

When I first started paying attention to the Moon phases I saw the Full Moon as a time where conflicts that were previously under the surface would come to light. Often I would experience blow-outs with the people closest to me on these days.

My association with the Full Moon was a negative one. While I do think there is a lot of truth to this as a collective theme, I don’t think its the whole picture.

Just as we can associate the Full Moon with heightened negative emotions we can also associate the Full Moon with heightened positive emotions.

I feel once I started to frame being full of emotion to mean any type of emotion, not just the negative ones, my entire experience of the Full Moon period shifted to a positive one. In a way, I was no longer anticipating or attracting those large blow-outs I had before.

10 Powerful Full Moon Affirmations

10 Powerful Full Moon Affirmations

I let go of anything ready to be released right now

Eventhough a release is often associated with the New Moon it can also come alongside a Full Moon. We are ready to let go of some of the things which have built up over the last month. This can include internal patterns, environments and relationships.

I am ready to receive in a new ways

When you are releasing old, heavy energy it’s also helpful to be open to receiving the opposite. When we release old energy it’s like creating a vacuum inside ourselves and we want to make sure we are filling that space with something uplifting, not just letting the same old stuff back in.

I am ready to pour into my relationships

One of the most noticeable effects of the Full Moon is what it brings out in our relationships. If they are full to brim of joy that will be highlighted, if there is tension, that will inevitably come to the surface. Affirm how you would like to pour into your relationships (ones that are working and ones that aren’t) moving forward.

I am consistently replenished by the Universe

One of the benefits of this lunar energy is its ability to replenish us in the places where we feel empty. During a Full Moon we can become acutely aware of what we are lacking – this is a great time to focus on how you nourishing yourself through self-care, as well as how you would like to be nourished by others and the Universe at large.

I have everything I need within me to get started

So often we are looking for the next item, tool or person that will finally get us to our goal. And while it’s good to be on the look out for new opportunities, affirming the inner resources we already have – and might be overlooking – is just as important.

I am committed to practicing self love

Don’t just affirm what you want to receive but also what you are ready to put into practice. Strike that balance between being open and receptive with taking action and being assertive.

My heart is filling with gratitude

Gratitude is placing a magnifying glass on the areas of our lives which we would like to grow, this is a great time to begin practicing gratitude or increase the amount we practice. Place some extra focus in areas you haven’t been able to appreciate lately.

I trust in the power of divine timing

Everything you are affirming will arrive in divine timing – exactly what you are ready to face and integrate it.

I am full of ____

I am grateful for ____

I wanted to keep these last two open as that flexibility is often required during a Full Moon. We can be full and experience an abundance of so many different things.

Take some time to acknowledge what you are full of; whether that be joy, peace, love etc. Take a moment to reflect on what you are grateful for.

I wrote a similar article with affirmations for the New Moon, working with these moon phases is rather intuitive. With the Full Moon we are called to express gratitude for what we already have, or give ourselves that final push.

Whereas with the New Moon we are encouraged to breathe new life into our current circumstances and set new intentions.

Creating a Full Moon Ritual

If you pay attention during these time periods (and often even if you don’t) you’ll be guided to perform certain actions or hold a specific focus. Although there are overarching themes with each Moon phase, make sure you are following your intuition first and foremost!

I have found that sometimes the meaning of the New Moon & Full Moon are flipped, because the symbolism which is represented by beginnings and endings is so subtle and often overlap. Breathing new life into something and holding gratitude for what you already have can often mean focusing in a very similar way (if that makes sense).

In order to create a Full Moon ritual that will work for you, take a moment to tune into your intuition. What themes does this phase bring up for you on an individual level? How can you embrace these fully?

For the Full Moon I recommend a letting go/release ritual, and one of the best ways to do this is with fire!

  • Identify something you’d like to let go of and write this on a piece of paper. As you are writing this out, visualize the heavy energy that might come with this thing/pattern flowing out of your body onto the piece of paper.
  • Find a spot outside where it is safe to burn this paper into a fireproof bowl or vessel.
  • With your paper in hand, affirm in your mind or out loud: ‘I now release the heaviness that comes with ___’
  • Then light your paper and throw it into the bowl.
  • Spend a few minutes afterwards with your eyes closed visualizing the energy attached to this thing/patterns shrinking in size, drifting away into the air. Reflect on how this change will impact your daily life.

I think the most important thing during this period is to remain flexible. There are so many ways this energy can open up and enrich your life.

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