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What Is 5D Consciousness?

What Is 5D Consciousness

5D is usually used to refer to a specific dimension in a scientific context, and you might be familiar with it from there. However if you have been involved in any New Age or spiritual communities then you’ll know that 5D is used to refer to a particular level of consciousness.

This level of consciousness is distinct from the 3D realm we currently inhabit, where we are ruled by physical possessions and ego-driven desires.

People often refer to this 3D to 5D split of consciousness that will occur as the result of a mass awakening. Two worlds shifting further apart, the Earth as we know it now and the New Earth.

That concept & idea is what I want to demystify today. What does 5D consciousness look like and what does it mean to live in the 5th dimension?

What Is The 5th Dimension?

Describing the fifth dimension with human language is difficult because it exists beyond our usual mental concepts. However the general idea is that 5D is a space which we reach when we are completely focused on the NOW.

Some may refer to this as the enlightenment process, but it is usually referred to in the context of spiritual ascension that comes with different psychosomatic purging symptoms.

We release old conditioning, identities and patterns. In the process of letting go of these Earthly constructs, we bring more light into our body, ultimately activating the light or rainbow body.

When we live in the 3D we are bogged down by fear, anxious, heaviness. Whereas when we live in the 5D we experience an abundance of peace, love and joy.

if you wish to reach 5D we have to maintain a consistent spiritual practice: bringing our focus inward, practicing detachment and living in the present.

3D to 5D New Earth Split

3D to 5D New Earth Split

5D was (and often still is) described like a physical location we arrive at, when enough people reach an elevated level of consciousness there will be a split between the 3D & 5D worlds.

Those who are still tied to their egoic, self-serving desires, who uphold unbalanced structures of power, who live in the past, will remain in the 3D. While those who tune into the heart and live in the NOW will ascend into the 5th dimension.

Things have shifted quite a bit from this point of view, although there are still those who hold it.

Often when we refer to people and levels of consciousness like this we are inadvertently creating a hierarchy, and in doing so, acting in a way that would hinder an evolution into higher consciousness as it is described anyway.

The way this split of consciousness is described is comparable to a religious rapture, just with a New Age twist.

Post New-Age

It might be premature to declare we are in a Post New-Age however I have noticed a huge shift in how we discuss these topics and how people approach spiritual development in these spaces.

In order to become aware of our light and properly embody it, we must also become aware of our darkness, of the shadow.

This means acknowledging our negative emotions, patterns and our past. To be aware of the injustices that exist within this physical realm and the limitations that come with having a physical vessel.

We aren’t on this physical Earth in these physical bodies simply to transcend them, but to experience the full range of human emotions. We are not above the world’s problems, but we can be a part of the solution.

The way I describe this phase and 5D consciousness here is from my perspective, it won’t resonate with everyone.

In this Post New-Age we aren’t focused on surpassing other humans but in connecting with a wider range of people.

We aren’t interested in vibrating out of the physical realm, away from the problems here, but in embodying the higher self in physical form.

Focusing on the positive constantly isn’t how we reach 5D, instead it’s about meeting all of our emotions with the awareness they deserve. When we are feeling down, to be gentle with ourselves rather than adding extra tension and judgement on top.

This is so that we don’t simply bypass all of those negative impulses and pretend they don’t exist – but to truly transform them so that we are truly moving in alignment.

What Does Living In 5D Look Like?

Taking this into consideration, what does living in 5D actually look like?

5D consciousness is still available to us all, it just might look a little differently than we’re anticipating.

To be in 5D consciousness is to live in the present, to embody love and peace; to infuse each activity we do with awareness.

We can bring our observing eye to anything we do throughout the day. Washing the dishes, preparing dinner, bringing the kids to school. Whatever activity we do mindfully brings us out of the ego and into the heart.

Although we might not be able to live in 5D constantly, as in sitting in a meditation or being mindful 24/7, we can sit in present moment awareness and bring an aspect of that level of consciousness with us throughout the day.

“Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood and carry water.”

Old Zen quote

We can connect with (higher) 5th dimensional beings daily. Through meditation, in mindful moments and in prayer.

We can create new types of communities. Ones that aren’t about competition or surpassing anyone else, but being present with each other.

Visualize the type of Earth you would like to live in, not as a way to avoid taking action, but to ensure that your actions are being guided by deeper insight.

We are living in 5D when we are consciously and consistently bringing some higher awareness down into this physical realm. Looking at the mundane and seeing the mystical.

In conclusion

5D is a very real thing, it just appears differently than our ego or mind wants it to. Integrating 5D consciousness doesn’t mean we’re going to arrive at some utopia far away from our problems here, but that we can bring a neutralizing awareness to this Earthly plane.


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