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Why The Universe is Making You Wait

Why The Universe is Making You Wait

The Universe often works in ways that are beyond our comprehension. However, the deeper we connect with it and understand ourselves, the clearer the patterns become.

One of the ways the Universe helps us grow is by redirecting us; rejection is protection. Sometimes the path in front of us isn’t easy or clear, but at the end of it all we realize the importance of divine timing – everything happens exactly when it should.

If you’re in a phase where you feel the Universe is making you wait, I hope this post can provide important context and help you understand what your next steps are.

The Universe has the best timing. Often we’ll experience a hardship or be redirected in a way that makes us question our path, only to find we were going in the right direction all along.

However I do have a caveat to add here! Just because there is the concept of divine timing doesn’t mean things always unfold in the best possible way.

There are definitely phases of my life that I look back on and feel saddened by due to how much time I wasted. Had I been in a different environment or had different resources at my disposal, I would have made progress a lot quicker. I think most people can relate to this.

We can learn valuable lessons from taking the ‘wrong’ path, but we can also acknowledge where a lesson was already learnt and we simply repeated a pattern.

So why is this? How can there be divine timing but also room for error?

The answer is that we are not always connected to our intuition – on a collective and individual level. We’re not always listening to the messages from the Universe or helping others realize their full potential. The ego and shadow influence how well we follow divine guidance.

Working on our intuition and doing the shadow work is a great work to get in line with divine guidance & timing.

Shadow work is the practice of understanding your subconscious mind better so that it doesn’t direct your life without your awareness.

Now, what if you are connected to your intuition and following the Universe’s guidance but still feel stalled in some way? That is what I want to focus on with this post.

The Universe makes us wait because it knows an opportunity is right for us, but that we aren’t properly prepared.

We might have to learn how to utilize our voice better, set firmer boundaries or gain important experience.

When we know you’ve been doing the work and are connected to your intuition, savor the wait. Allow it to build a fire in you that will be powerfully directed at a later date.

Another reason the Universe makes us wait is because we are too attached to a particular result.

Even if a path is good for us, holding too strong of an expectation can ruin the experience. We can become inflexible and complacent even in jobs/relationships/paths that are perfect for us.

The Universe will teach us the power of letting go, detachment (when necessary) and accepting the present moment as it is. Once we have reached our goal, we’ll be able to enjoy and appreciate it much better.

I created a guidebook & journal specifically to help you through this process. Learn how to tune into your own energy and manifest mindfully through it.

The Universe isn’t trying to punish or ‘test’ us in the way we understand it as humans. The Universe is simply pushing us to evolve and grow in our awareness.

When you do feel unsupported or anxious during this process, remind yourself of the type of energy you want to maintain regardless of circumstance.

Even when things are not going your way, what sort of rituals and perspectives do you want to pour into?


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