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How to Speak with the Universe & Manifest

speak with the universe

The Universe is always speaking to us, even if we don’t notice it. Through words, images, numbers, music, animals, synchronistic experiences, chance encounters, the list goes on.

However, we’re not always speaking to the Universe in a way that shows we are understanding and receptive to support and guidance.

Sometimes we are not speaking to ourselves in a way that affirms our intuition and higher self.

In this post I want to talk about some ways you can start speaking with the Universe to manifest better opportunities.

We are always manifesting. The energy we’re putting out, our thoughts, words, actions are all conveying a particular message to the Universe and as a result will influence the response we get back.

However saying this, not every single thing we say or think is going to have an effect on our immediate environment. The Universe is not looking at every little thing we are doing in order to punish or reward us, it goes deeper than that.

The thoughts and words we put energy behind are what have an impact and what will manifest. The stronger our relationship with the Universe, the clearer the feedback we’ll receive.

When speaking to the Universe, don’t worry about every little word and getting it right; focus on the wider relationship you are building. Rather than trying to be positive all of the time, focus on how honest you are being with yourself and the Universe. That is where the real power and impact comes.

One of the ways you can begin to have a better conversation with the Universe is through affirmations. Phrases or words that you repeat until they feel powerful and real to you.

These are some of my favorite when getting started:

I welcome a surprise tomorrow

I welcome new experiences tomorrow

I welcome unexpected support

The reason I recommend specifying a timeframe like ‘tomorrow’ here is that you want to avoid procrastinating. These affirmations allow you to get started right away.

You might not see a result the very next day, but with consistency more and more of these surprises and experiences are going to come about.

Pay attention to what you are expecting and try to let go as much as possible. If you don’t see a result and get disheartened, remember that you are trying to build an undercurrent of energy first and foremost. The more intention you place on these words over time, the better your result.

The Universe doesn’t give us one chance to succeed, we can always come back, try again or reframe things.

Another thing you can do to improve the conversation you are having is by observing your inner dialogue for an hour, or even a day.

Notice what thoughts you are constantly fuelling with energy and intention.

When I tried this I noticed that I kept going back to ‘People do not support me’. When something would inconvenience me, the classic ‘I hate my life’.

These were things I knew on a logical level were not true, but on an emotional level I needed more convincing.

When attempting to create better internal dialogue, focus on the limiting beliefs that you already know are false.

It’s easier to switch those phrase with something better but completely believable, than try to force positive beliefs that feel completely out of reach.

Start with small changes and build momentum from there.

Along with shifting our internal dialogue and reciting affirmations out loud when we can, being more mindful of the types of conversations we have goes a long way.

Not in the sense that we never talk about hard topics or complain from time to time (most of us do it) but consciously choosing to have more uplifting and purposeful conversations.

Once you begin making these changes you start to see where you are allowing your energy to be lowered unintentionally.

Whether it is through the friendships you are keeping or the songs you are listening to.

Most of the time, if we wish to change our energy in a big way, we have to set new routines and boundaries in place. To make sure we are actually committed to uplifting our lives in all areas.

The final piece of advice I have is to remain flexible. I talk about shadow work a lot here and that is super important.

Sometimes we have to talk about heavy topics, or just shoot the breeze with friends. Sometimes we’re going to listen to ‘low vibrational music’.

I’ve found that it’s much easier to maintain overall good habits if I allow myself to just be at times without worrying about every little thing I do or say.

If we are comfortable with our shadow (negative habits and beliefs) we’re not going to let any little negative interference or experience set us back, because we know there is light and dark in everything.

This takes pressure off us to be perfect, or always maintain high energy and we can recenter much more easily.


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