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The Spiritual Power of the Sun (Solar Energy)

The Sun has been a spiritual symbol since the dawn of time. It is the most obvious physical representation of life and vitality that is visible to us in the sky. This is why so many cultures throughout history have worshipped the Sun, or at least that’s how we would interpret it now.

Even in ‘modern day spirituality’ or the New Age we have references to the Sun as a spiritual center. Sun exposure and sun gazing are two that are said to increase the flow of prana or life-force energy.

In the last few decades we have receive more and more media coverage about the dangers of the sun & sun exposure. Some of this information is helpful while some borders on fear-mongering. Where people are going to extreme lengths to avoid any sun exposure at all.

We had that story last year about how Bill Gates was planning to spray dust into the atmosphere to block the sun rays, in an effort to lessen the effects of a rapidly warming Earth. The Sun is so crucial in our physical health but also our spiritual development.

In this post I want to explore this spiritual power of the Sun and how to connect with it in our daily lives.

The spiritual symbolism of the Sun

One of the most well known examples of a Solar deity from ancient times is of course Ra from Egypt, he was said to governs all parts of the seen and unseen world (sky, earth, underworld). Then there was Utu, an ancient Mesopotamian sun God, who was seen as the overseer of justice. In ancient South American there was Inti. This is only beginning to scratch the surface.

When we area referring to spiritual energy we could use words such as prana, chi or life-force energy, depending on which system you use. This is the energy that permeates all of existence and make life possible. Often this life-force energy is attributed to the Sun, and as an extension the elements.

In my research of how different alchemaic traditions conceptualize the sun I came across references to two or even three Suns. The physical or ‘Black Sun’ which is material, and a second non-physical Sun comprised of essential Fire and aether. Manly P. Hall made reference to three Suns: spiritual, intellectual and material.

The Sun & ‘light codes’

We have the tangible Sun rays which can be measured physically, but we also have the spiritual or subtle information that comes through with these rays. This information is filtered through and absorbed into our energy body.

When we refer to ‘light codes’, this experience of ‘downloading’ spiritual insights, we are referring in some part to the information we receive through the Sun. As we head towards Winter here in the Northern Hemisphere, a lot of us are being more conscious to get at least some Sun exposure daily.

I’ve talked about this ‘battery-effect’ that goes on when we are out in nature, in sunlight. How energy comes down from the Sun, through our bodies and ground into the Earth, creating a kind of cycle.

Just as there is this inner flame or kundalini that burns up impurities from the inside, there is an outer flame which enlivens us, that gives us life-force.

One of the ways we can connect with this solar energy is through being in nature, of course, but also through visualization & intention.

How to connect with the Sun’s energy

In this modern world we are largely out of tune with the nature cycles – to living alongside the day/night and honoring our bodies through the varying seasons.

We live and work in artificially lit spaces, and are expected to maintain the same regimented routines and level of productivity regardless of weather or climate. It’s not always possible to avoid these obligations, however we can take steps to get a little more aligned with the Sun and nature.

One of the easiest ways to begin connecting with the energy of the Sun is to wake up early, the hours before sunrise are charged with this solar energy. In the mornings bring some awareness to the Sun, as if you were wishing it a good day.

Get your body in tune with the Sun by maintaining a good circadian rhythm. Get up when the Sun is out and expose your mind, eyes and body to the light. Try to avoid blue-light exposure as much as you can.

Another way you can connect with the Sun’s energy is through visualization involving the chakras.

The chakras are often referred to as flowers, each with an increasing number of petals. I like to keep this description in mind as I am working on the chakras.

Get outside if you can and find a spot you can practice, you can do this while walking or stationary. Breathe deeply and consistently from the stomach area and and visualize this solar energy flowing in through the crown chakra and working its way down to the root chakra.

Once it reaches the root, hitting the seed of this flower. That solar energy becomes integrated, embodied, filling each petal with light.

Just spending time outside in the Sun is enough to start seeing the battery-effect in action. You might be wondering about sun-gazing as I did mention it in the opening paragraph. While I don’t resonate with the fear-mongering that surrounds the Sun these days, where people are trying to limit their sun exposure to extreme levels, I also don’t think we should underestimate the Sun!

We are talking about a big ball of fire in the sky that can have negative health implications. I don’t think we should fear the Sun, but everything in nature should be approached with the appropriate care.

I recommend candle gazing for those who want the benefits they see discussed alongside sun-gazing without the negative effects. Of course, I would still advice doing your own research and consulting your health professional before proceeding with any long-term candle-gazing practice – particularly if you have pre-existing vision problems.

We hear a lot about setting intentions with the Moon, perhaps during a full or new Moon, but I don’t see as much discussion about the same with the Sun.

Any intention you want to bring extra energy or light to can be amplified with a Sun ritual. This can be as simple as going out into the Sun with a journal and writing down your intentions.

As you can see it isn’t difficult to start connecting with the Sun in day to day life. It’s not necessary to dedicate a huge amount of time to this, but I think a little more awareness of the Sun nowadays where we are so out of tune with natural cycles is a great way to feel more grounded and balanced.


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