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How To Practice Aura Breathing

aura breathing

The aura is the energetic counterpart to our physical body, which extends about a foot to a foot and a half beyond it.

The aura acts like a force-field which stops us absorbing all of the energy in our environment, a filter that dictates how we interact and view the world.

Everyone’s aura looks slightly different (contains different colors) based on current moods but also deeper beliefs and patterns we are maintaining. When our aura isn’t regularly cleared through rest and recuperation it can become cloudy and our energy will feel heavy.

In today’s post I want to explore one way to work with the aura, called ‘aura breathing’.

The aura & manifestation

It might not be immediately obvious how the aura plays into manifestation but they are closely connected.

When I say manifestation here I’m not solely referring to the physical although that is a part of it. I’m talking about manifesting our ideas (bringing them into the physical).

If our aura is clouded or a dull color, we aren’t able to bring our energy into the world in a powerful way. When we are experiencing joy or following our dreams, our aura is going to be emitting a specific color aligned with that. However over time our aura can become clouded by heavy negative experiences and we can take on other people’s energies, and limiting societal messages.

Aura breathing exercise

This exercise is going to aid in getting your aura glowing brightly the way you need/want it to.

  • Find a quiet spot and close your eyes.
  • Breathe deeply and bring some awareness to the body. Spend a few minutes getting clear and grounded.
  • Then ask what colors are coming up for you. You might see or get an impression of colors in your mind’s eye, or intuitively sense what these are. I did this today and got a bright orange and yellow.
  • You want to visualize these colors getting brighter, and if you like, filling the entire body.

What you are doing here is identifying your most prominent aura colors. These represent different traits & strengths that you want to express.

You may doubt the colors you pick up on if you aren’t well-practiced using your intuition or spiritual vision this way.

However the key is to just go with the flow; it’s not important if your hunch is 100% accurate (if that were even a thing).

Make this practice even more effective by accompanying it with an affirmation. There can be a lot of fear in bringing forward our light in this way, because it means we have to be consistent + maintain a new way of being.

I like ‘I trust’ affirmations for this purpose.

  • I trust myself to…
  • I trust myself to express…
  • I trust myself to be x type of person
  • I trust myself to navigate….

When your energy is feeling low throughout the day, or you just need a little push in the right direction, visualize these colors brightening up again.

The more you practice this the easier it is to trust your intuitive insight.

With this sort of work we’re not looking to be right in the traditional sense of the word – to get clear external validation on what we are feeling all of the time, but to develop a familiar relationship with our spirit.

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