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7 Signs Your Intuition Is Speaking To You

Signs Your Intuition Is Speaking To You

We are often encouraged to ‘follow our intuition’ or ‘trust our gut’, however it can be difficult to do so if we don’t have a clear idea of how intuition manifests for us.

Our intuition can take on many forms, and this is different for each individual. Sometimes it is loud and obvious, but other times it comes through as a soft whisper that is easy to miss.

Our intuition is always talking to us, it’s just that we might be disconnected from or ignoring it (consciously or unconsciously). Just like how there are many different radio frequencies broadcasting all around us, we just don’t hear them because we aren’t tuned into them.

In this post I want to outline some of the main ways our intuition speak to us so you can identify it in your daily life.

How to know when your intuition is talking to you

There are so many different ways our intuition talks to us, many of which go unnoticed in the midst of a busy day to day routine. This list will give you a rough idea of how intuition looks so you have a better chance of picking up on it.

1. You experience signs & synchronicities

Signs and synchronicities are one of the biggest signs that you are being guided by your intuition. When you start listening to your intuition it puts you on a path that seems perfectly coordinated for you.

Synchronicity describes a series of seemingly random events that later appear to have a specific connection.

While coincidence doesn’t lead us anything in particular, acting as a red herring, when we experience synchronicity it’s as if every step of the path was crafted specifically for us. Synchronicity leads us up to a specific goal or destination.

2. A decision defies logic

This is where intuition gets tricky, and more difficult to trust. When we feel a decision is correct but it doesn’t appear that way.

Another way we might notice a conflict like this is when our instinct and intuition contradict. The instinct is a part of the intuition, however there are some difference.

Instinct is drawn from historical/ancestral experiences, and is largely based on survival. On the other hand, intuition drawn from a higher intelligence, and isn’t always linked to survival. In this instance we might feel fear (instinct) but a calm (intuition) alongside it.

3. You just know something

The most obvious sign that your intuition is speaking to you is that you just know something.

Sometimes our intuition doesn’t have time to flesh out a whole message for us, if we are in danger or need to move quickly for some other reason. We feel an off vibe or sensation and it’s best if we follow that promptly.

I talk about how important it is to question what we perceive as intuition, so that we do not mistake fear or anxiety for divine guidance. However in some circumstances, it’s much better and safer to listen to your gut the first time, and ask questions later.

4. Through a reassuring voice

One of the key ways our intuition manifests is through a reassuring voice – a voice that might resemble the voice of a loved one or a familiar teacher.

The voice of the intuition is distinct from the voice of our anxiety or fear in how it sounds. Where the voice of fear rushes us and encourages panic, the voice of intuition is uplifting even if it is guiding us away from something.

Rather than encouraging fear, the voice of intuition will act as a reminder of the wisdom you possess and the informed decision you can make through this.

Usually this voice comes through after a feel a distinct pause, perhaps while you are busy doing something else. There is a clear shift in awareness that can be hard to spot if you aren’t used to working with intuition.

5. You have vivid dreams

The last way intuition can come through which we’ll discuss here (although there are many more) is through particularly vivid dreams.

Dreams are a great way for our intuition to come through visually, using the language of symbol and metaphor. The easiest way to tune into this level of intuition is to keep a dream journal. Over time you will notice certain themes and patterns emerging that can highlight blockages you might have or goals you can work towards.

6. Your thoughts get pulled in a specific direction

Just as with instinct there is a difference between thoughts and intuition, however the two are connected. It’s not always possible to draw a clear line between all of the difference ways we can receive trans-personal insight.

If you notice your thoughts being pulled in a specific direction take a moment to sit in quiet and observe. What deeper insights, emotions and impressions come to the surface?

7. You feel uneasy about a situation

Intuition can also come through as an uneasy feeling about a place, person or situation. As we explored earlier, intuition doesn’t come with fear but knowing.

So here you will notice the uneasiness that comes up as it contrast with your intuition, as it comes up in misalignment with your being. You might walk down a certain road and suddenly feel a tension in the air, or enter a social situation and instantly feel uncomfortable.

When this happens take a moment to check in with yourself. Tune into your energy first and see where you are, then notice the contrast between this and your environment. Where might you want to make some adjustments – physical or mental?

Signs you’re ignoring your intuition

It’s not always obvious when we are ignoring our intuition, and even when it is obvious we might not have the awareness to notice.

Your life feels directionless

When we are disconnected from our intuition our life is primarily influenced by what other people are doing and thinking – we give our authority over to others and society at large.

It will be hard to be motivated day to day, or to feel as if your life has purpose overall. Listening to our intuition is so hard precisely because of this fact, following others is often easier. We don’t have to put up with criticism for taking on an unconventional path or trying to actualize our dreams.

You experience recurring obstacles

One of the more obvious ways we can tell we are ignoring our intuition is when we experience recurring themes. Our life feels like one big awkward repeating cycle. Groundhog day that plays our through this misalignment in our energy.

This means facing the same type of obstacle or lesson over and over again, constantly coming to a specific type of information etc. In our relationships we might experience the same dynamics but through different people.

Not perceiving our intuition looks like hitting a brick wall over and over again, and not even realizing the wall is there!

You can’t express yourself

Intuition is key in our expression, as our relationship with our intuition is our relationship with ourselves. When we can’t hear our intuition we can’t hear ourselves, and so it becomes difficult to express our needs, wants and strengths.

Setting clear strong boundaries is key to hearing our intuition, because we are able to contain our energy better, rather than allowing it to be sucked dry by people who do not have our best interests at heart or absorbing excess energy from others.

How to tune into your intuition

Listen to yourself

Listening to intuition is listening to yourself, as we discussed before. Meditation is a great way to begin listening to yourself. You have an opportunity to get accustomed to your habitual thoughts patterns, and begin to notice how the voice of the intuition sounds different.

Connect with your body

Find activities that help you connect with your body. Dance, go for a walk, move! A lot of our intuitive insights come through as visceral sensations in the body, so the more connected we are to our body the clearer we’ll hear them.

Test your intuition

Don’t be afraid to test your intuition, this is one of the best ways to deepen the trust you have. Look back at situations where you ignored your intuition and recall what the result was. When you follow an intuitive insight in the future, note what the result is.


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