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Numerology: Spiritual Meaning Of Numbers

Numbers hold a specific cultural or spiritual meaning outside of their mathematical use.

We have the idea that some numbers hold good or bad luck which differs from one culture to another. These disparities can make it difficult to figure out what the meaning of numbers is, if they have a defined meaning at all.

I learned the meaning of numbers through doing tarot readings, each number representing a different stage of growth or dynamic in life. What I have learned is that numbers can act as signposts on the spiritual path, but they cannot be everything.

Just as we might look for signposts on a walk in order to direct us, if the signposts are outdated, the path is closed off or something feels off, we have to follow our intuition and take our next steps independently.

In this post I want to outline the meanings of numbers 0-10 which will give you a good base to work from.

The meaning of numbers

There are lot of different and often conflicting interpretations of numbers so it can be hard to know where to start. These are the interpretations I have found useful, although they can only be used as a very rough guide.

In my work with tarot, odd and even numbers have slightly different meanings: an odd number signifying movement and an even numbers signifying a rest-stop. Numbers also tend to have a feminine or masculine energy to them, which encourages different approaches to a situation.

I like to think of numbers on a scale from creation to completion, starting at 0 and finishing at 10. Each successive number highlights different obstacles and dynamics as we get closer to the completion of a goal or phase in our lives.

Numbers have been used to understand how the universe is put together. Nikola Tesla is quoted as saying, “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have the key to the universe.”

This quote has often been discussed in reference to sacred geometry and how nature appears to form alongside a specific mathematical pattern, which would point to an intelligent creator – nothing in nature is random.


We often forget about the number zero when discussing the meaning of numbers. Zero represents the void, a space of emptiness which sets the stage for creation – anything is possible. This might signify having to start completely from scratch, a Tower moment in our life, stripping everything back.


The number one is the start of a great journey or adventure, you’ve taken your first step and there are endless possibilities in front of you. The number 1 holds significance in the appearance of the number sequences 111 and 1111 which tend to appear often at the beginning of a spiritual awakening.

When we observe these number sequences in our life we can know we are on the right track, and should keep our visions fixed on our goal without faltering. This number can serve as a type of initiation into spiritual awareness, and the successive phases that unfold from it.


The number two represents the bringing together of duality, contrast, two individuals. The merging of light and dark, logic and heart in a situation where one was previously lacking. Two represents the unity represented by a conscious relationship.


Three as an odd number after two brings about dynamic growth. This number isn’t necessarily positive or negative, but points towards taking action that will be beneficial over the long term. If you have been weighing up a difficult decision, it’s a good idea to make a choice sooner rather than later.


The number four is all about structure and stability – you could think of the four legs that hold up a table. Similar to two, four can represent bringing the final touches to something, bringing in a final element that solidifies and strengthens things.


When you are right in the middle of things, what can you perceive? Five represents being in the eye of the storm, chaos might be ensuing around you but you remain centered. What can be built or destroyed from this space?


The number six has heavy negative connotations in a lot of traditions, especially in the number sequence 666, however these connotations are largely overblown by popular culture. When we see the number six we might want to evaluate the patterns and habits that have gotten us to where we are, and if they are keeping up stuck.


Seven is often seen to represent good luck. Here it can have a double meaning, receiving a miracle or anticipating a miracle.

We are either in a receptive state (open to what may happen), or overthinking things (getting in our own way). It might be helpful to reconsider how attached you are to certain outcomes and keep your expectation in check.


Eight is a number of wisdom, and divine guidance. This number signifies coming to great inner knowing, feeling the support of your guides or higher beings around you. Take stock and listen closely to your intuition, what higher message is a situation bringing to us.


The number nine leading up to ten represents taking that final step. You’re almost where you want to be, whether that be the completion of a negative situation or the build up to a larger goal. Keep your mind focused and pace consistent.

When we are at this stage so close to completion, it’s easy to feel as if everything could go wrong at a moment’s notice. This is true, but it’s important not to let doubt or fear get in the way at the last minute.


Ten represents the completion of a project or journey – the end. When we see this number we can take a rest and truly feel gratitude for how far we’ve come, what we’ve created and everything we have in front of us.

Numbers after ten tend to be reduced down to their sum, so 23 would come out to 5, however some sequences have their own specific meaning.

I take a very intuitive approach, sometimes it makes sense to reduce a number down and other times you want to look at how the two individual numbers like the 2 & 3 from 23 would work together.

Number sequences & synchronicity

A lot of the time numbers have a meaning based on what we ascribe to them, we can see this in action with how the same numbers are interpreted in different often completely conflicting ways in different cultures.

As we discussed earlier, numbers can be a great signpost on the spiritual path. Numbers are one of the easiest ways for the Universe to speak to us; the simplest mode of communication. However this method of communication leaves a lot open to interpretation.

At the beginning of a spiritual awakening it’s common to notice sequences like 111, 1111, 222 etc more often, on a clock or watch, in car license plates, on receipts. These are a type of synchronicity that represent a deepening of our spiritual/psychic awareness.

However it’s really easy to become obsessed with these number sequences, and begin to search them out unconsciously. These sequences become a distraction rather than genuine spiritual guidance.

How to interpret numbers

When we are interpreting number sequences it’s important to keep a level of detachment. To notice the signs but to also not become attached or dependent on them.

When you receive a sign, rather than analyzing it on a mental level right away, take a step back and meditate on it. What deeper emotions, impressions and sensations come up for you? What is your intuition saying about this number.

Build upon your interpretation. With numbers as a signpost, what direction do you want to go in, what deeper purpose are you working towards? Referencing other people’s interpretations are great, but consult your own intuition first and foremost, bring things into the context of your current life situation.


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