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5D Manifestation: How to Manifest From the Heart

5D manifestation

One of the key steps to manifesting successful is getting out of the mind and into the heart; stepping out of the internal chatter and into a peaceful state of flow. Being able to let go and let be. Many modern Law of Attraction teachings leave a lot to be desired in this area.

In this post I want to talk about how to begin manifesting from the heart – what I would call “5D manifestation”.

Most of the time law of attraction teachings will have you focus on a desire (usually physical) and then focus your energy on this until it comes to fruition. Ask, believe and receive.

While I have gained a lot from these methods and they have been successful for me, the more I work with the law of attraction the more I realize that deeper work has to be done first.

We don’t attract what we WANT we attract what we ARE.

You Are Always Manifesting

You Are Always Manifesting

To begin, it’s important to realize that we all manifesting our realities all the time – whether we realize it or not. This means that our current state of being is always attracting more of that into our lives. When we are manifesting consciously it’s from the heart, but when we’re manifesting unconscious it’s from the shadow.

The shadow is the unconscious part of us that contains all of the attributes, qualities, beliefs and so on, that we suppress and ignore. This is what we would consider the ‘negative’ side of us (although that isn’t the full picture), where our unhealthy patterns and habits originate from.

This is why law of attraction techniques that only focus on controlling thoughts don’t cut it, because we are so much more than that! Our emotions, wounds, beliefs and patterns cannot be shifted with mere thought alone.

Instead, our shadow side must be constantly confronted and integrated so that we are not manifesting unconsciously. We have to face the aspects of ourselves that we ignore, so they can come to light.

Manifesting from the heart is where you take your power back. Instead of manifesting unconsciously from the shadow, we follow our intuition and are aligned with purpose. We are conscious of our negative thoughts/emotions, but observe them instead of being led by them.

Manifestation and Spiritual Bypassing

Manifestation and Spiritual Bypassing

Manifesting the life you want starts with healing. I know this may sound weird at first, but everything we desire is standing on the other side of our fears and insecurities.

A superficial veneer of positivity or one-minded focused on a goal will not manifest a new life for you. Reciting an affirmation does nothing if it doesn’t vibrate with conviction. You have to go deeper and dissolve all of the unconscious boundaries you’ve set for yourself.

Oftentimes we manifest from a place of fear. We find ourselves in a situation where there are two options presented in front of us, and we can only afford to choose either one.

Other times we manifest in order to impress others or fill a void within ourselves. We may want to manifest a large home, not because that would provide safety and security for us, but because we think having a large home will make us more respected.

Or perhaps we want to manifest an expensive car, not because it will make travel easier, but because we are struggling financially. We replace working on the scarcity mindset or low self worth with material things. This is entirely backwards.

Many times our desires are just an attempt to stay one step ahead of our problems, without really addressing them. Most modern law of attraction teachings gloss over or completely leave out why we might desire things, or how obtaining them might cause even larger issues down the road.

For me, manifesting from the heart is all about bringing that shadow to light, so that it doesn’t rule my life. It’s about tuning into my emotions and working with them, rather than focusing on material items. You get to the heart of things this way.

Heart Centered Manifestation

Heart Centered Manifestation

Heart centered manifestation doesn’t have to be soft or woo woo, heart centered manifestation is all about taking decisive but guided action. I’ve found that when I feel out of alignment whatever I do has less of an impact.

Manifesting from the heart involves creating coherence in your body so that everything aligns. Your unconscious mind, conscious thoughts, emotions, and actions will all be pointing in the same direction.

I’m going to cover three methods I use to manifest from the heart. As you go along you will find ways to tweak these techniques that better align with you. Once you are in a flow state magic happens.

1. Connect to the heart

  1. Get into a comfortable seated position.
  2. Close your eyes and focus on your breath for a few minutes.
  3. Once your mind is calm, pinpoint an uplifted emotion you are currently feeling.
  4. Place a hand on your heart area and breathe deeply.
  5. Imagine and feel this emotion expanding throughout your entire body.

This technique is a great introduction to manifesting from the heart because there are no affirmations to recite, or complicated steps to do, it’s all about tuning into your own energy and amplifying that.

However you will find that when you do this simple technique, perhaps each morning, the actions you take will be amplified. You will feel intuitively guided, and what you do will be better received.

2. Loving Visualization

This is a technique I use all the time when I post my writing or offer services to people, and the results always leave me speechless. When you are providing a service, putting something out there or interacting with people, visualize the effect it will have.

When I’m writing a post I’ll visualize and feel how the person reading will receive it, or how it may help them. When I send off a product I infuse it with uplifted energy. When I’m interacting with someone who is down I feel them becoming uplifted.

I’ve had people specifically mention that they could feel this energy. At first it is shocking to hear; but over time you realize it’s not just the raw action that you do that is received, but the energy you were in while doing it. As you give out a certain energy you will be sure to receive it back in multitudes (so long as its done sincerely).

3. Gratitude

When you place a request with the Universe or set an intention, remember to think about how this will benefit the collective. For example, when setting an intention for prosperity finish with “For the benefit of all” or something to that effect.

A lot of modern-day manifestation teachings leave this out all together. When we manifest an item we often forget to consider how this may affect everyone else, instead it’s all about how we benefit.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting things for yourself, in fact realizing you are worthy is the first step out of a scarcity mindset. However when we see ourselves as part of a collective everything we gain causes a ripple effect, affirm that this ripple will uplift all those around you.

In summary, heart-based manifestation is less about thoughts, or specific affirmations (although we can include them), but about how we FEEL. This is powerful because how we feel is ultimately the vibration we send out.

Heart-based manifestation is getting out of a step by step mindset that feels like you’re checking off a list, and instead tuning into your energy itself. It allows you to be present in the moment and manifest from the here and now.


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  1. Amazing ! So accurate for me ! i am on this , for a while and what you describe resonates completely ! Thanks for sharing to us all …

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