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5 Ways Your Soul Communicates With You

The soul is the part of us that transcends the physical dimension, the part of us that is knowing and already whole.

Some people might refer to this interchangeably as the higher self, although the soul is impossible to define with language alone.

In this modern age we often dismiss the soul; prioritizing logic and mental factualities over intuition, both of which are important necessary in leading a full life.

The soul doesn’t communicate in ordinary human language, it comes through in metaphor, synchronicity and visions. It’s not that the soul is obscuring anything, but that our senses have become dulled to this intuitive mode of expression.

In this post I want to outline five key ways our soul communicates with us, so that you can be aware when it speaks and ultize its wisdom in your day to day life.


Desire is a misunderstood mechanism, especially in relation to our soul purpose.

The usual advice in relation to finding your purpose is simply follow what feels good. If you get a good vibe about an opportunity or person, follow that faithfully. If something feels good, it is your soul confirming that thing right for you.

Desire is also sometimes seen as a negative thing, something to get rid of completely. We must ignore our desires and adopt a routine of strict discipline, being wary of desire and the paths it might lead us down.

I think balance is found somewhere in the middle, but we have to be discerning.

There is a difference between what feels good in the moment and what will actually serve us in the long-term. Think to how so many unhealthy habits feel good in the moment but wreck havoc down the road, because we are avoiding commitment, discipline and temporary hardships.

Instead we should sit with our emotions and see what actually remains – notice what is a whim and what goes deeper. We can question if we want something because it will serve us or because it’s what we are familiar with or has been pushed into our faces.

Desire is really the way our soul speaks to our unique purpose on this Earth. What remains after we have done deeper introspection is what we should pursuit with all of our being.


Synchronicities are seemingly unrelated events that later turn out to have a meaningful connection.

Synchronicities line up a path for us, they’re like a wink from the Universe. Synchronicity happens when our will lines up with divine will; when we are following our intuition and are on the path of our destiny.

For example, losing a job you’ve been holding onto out of necessity only to land an opportunity in your dream role days or weeks later. This is different to mere coincidence in the sense that we are been guided by something bigger than our selves.

Synchroncities peak in frequency during a spiritual awakening, where we are coming to a deeper knowing of ourselves and get flooded with information (a new consciousness) all at once. Over time we continue to experience synchronicity, it just comes in more subtle forms.

When we pay attention to the synchronicities we are experiencing and sit with them in meditation, we can uncover the subtleties. It becomes less about searching for signs, and moreso tuning into what aligns with our intuition, and trusting our gut the first time!

3. Gut feelings

Tuning into our gut feelings is such an important step in listening to our intuition and it isn’t always easy. We have so many conflicting voices, the world can be a loud place, it takes quiet to hear what our soul is saying to us.

Our soul can guide us when we are in danger or a precarious position, we will hear the voice of our soul in single word commands like ‘left’ or ‘no’. We also might notice one theme or topic comes up time and time again, pointing to a job we might want to pursue or a place we might want to relocate to.

The voice of the soul/higher self is much different to the voice of fear in that it is accompanied by calm. It will feel as if we are being gently pulled in a certain direction, as an adult might do to a child. Rather than coming from a place of avoidance, knowing and doing better.

We can hear our gut feelings clearer when we make time for quiet introspection. Consciously pulling away from media consumption and always reverting to someone else’s guidance, and instead sitting with ourselves and listening intently.

4. Dreams of guidance

Dreams are another key way that our higher self or soul can relay information to our conscious minds.

We are not separate from our soul, but we are inhabiting a more physical level of consciousness. When we dream we are in a unique state that makes communication with unconscious aspects of our being possible – a lot of spiritual guidance comes through.

A simple way to tune into this guidance is to keep a dream journal. Once we have a record of our dreams we can look back on them and observe the recurring themes in relation to the physical events that were happening in our lives.

One of the ways the soul communicates is through symbol and metaphor, something that is expressed through the fabric of our dreams most naturally. We can start to identify the symbols and metaphors that are common for us and figure out what they mean.

5. Visions

The last way our soul communicates that I’ll explore here is through visions (although there are many more). This would include our dreams but also visions that come through during meditation, daydream and mystical experience.

When we go beyond our constant mind chatter and external distractions, we begin to experience a different level of consciousness.

We might enter slower brainwave states such as alpha or theta when we are in deeper meditation, mindfulness, when we induce a trance, or are in-between sleep and wake etc.

Most of the time we are operating in the beta brainwaves which involve highly focus action, our mind always looking for the next thing to keep us occupied. Even when we’re supposed to be relaxing, often keeping ourselves stimulated.

This is why practices such as mediation and mindfulness are so important. They bring us into a slower state of being where we can hear our intuition much more clearly – the spiritual dimension of life opens up.

Receiving visions is associated with the psychic sense of clairvoyance which translates as “clear seeing” or “clear vision”. This is also associated with the third eye chakra, not only does the third eye see beyond illusion, but we also tune into visions, auras and might see energy in the air.

Higher self: how to connect with your soul

When we are discussing the higher self or soul it’s important to realize that we are not separate from them. There might be barriers between our human self and our soul but these are only superficial.

Our soul is always communicating with us as an extension of itself, although there are filters based on our physicality and subconscious programming, messages are coming through all of the time. The frequency and clarity with which we receive these messages depends on how clear we are in ourselves.


Practice meditation on a consistent basis, preferably daily. Meditation gets us out of our constant mind chatter, and into states of calm, peace and openness.

Get into the flow state

Find activities that induce a trance or flow state. Think of activities that you can do without even thinking about them – activities that you lose yourself in. This is great alongside a meditation practice because it involves a more dynamic state of consciousness.


Journaling has many benefits, and one is that we can view ourselves from a new angle. We can break out of our habitual modes of thinking and see things in a new light.

Writing a page in our journal as soon as we wake up is a great way to tune into messages from our higher self – the important thing is to just let the words flow without a defined structure.

In conclusion

When we are working with the soul, although it might be higher from one perspective (this Earth perspective) it really cannot be restricted to one dimension or direction. Embodying our higher self means meeting with this consciousness in physical form.

Rather than necessarily aiming towards a higher level of consciousness in a very linear/literal sense, thinking we have to avoid our human selves and physicality, coming to a space of balance and peace in the here and now.


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  1. As i started my journey I knew you through this page and iappreciate you making things clear always and the way you reach out to help from far always makes me feel less lonely .

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