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Relationship Reading

I wanted to provide a new type of reading all focused on relationship (one of the most popular reading topics).

This reading is better tailored to look at two individual’s energy.

Include one photo of yourself and then one together (if possible) plus any relevant information or questions you might have.

You will receive

  • A three card spread highlighting your energy, their energy, and the shared dynamic.
  • 3-4 page PDF file including all the insight I receive.

What I will do

Before each reading I get into a relaxed state through meditation, after tuning into your photos I will draw the three cards.

I will tune into how the situation feels energetically and see the different paths & possibilities you laid out in my mind. I will then tap into your energy and feel how you are doing in the present moment and any blockages you might have within this situation.

I will see if there are any major energetic cords present in the relationship (there are four main types I reference) and if these are helpful or unhelpful.

Using this information I will provide advice on how compatible you are, and any future paths I see coming up for you.

You will receive your PDF file within 5 days. This will give me time to properly tune into each person and provide adequate follow up support.

Readings are not intended to be taken word for word, please use your discernment and consult your intuition when taking direct action. I like to balance honesty with what I feel coming up, and care with the topics we cover.

You can send me a voice note on Instagram @ledbysource along with the text provided here. Once you have filled out all of the information you will be redirected to the payment page.

Price: $45