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Intuitive Strengths Reading

2 spots available.

In this new reading offer I’d like to explore your intuitive strengths.

I believe we all have intuitive ability. In general terms we all have the ability to tune into our intuition and receive messages from it.

However on an individual level we will all have different strengths and weaknesses based on the work our soul is pulled towards on this Earth.

Some people lean towards clairvoyance, others clairaudience. Some will be pulled towards more grounded or ‘practical’ work, some towards the stars.

This reading will be structured like my aura reading, but with emphasis on the chakras that exist above and below the body. These are the Earth Star and Soul Star chakras.

Before each reading I will get into a relaxed state through meditation and align with my intuition (the main way I receive guidance). I will then go through the information you provided, take a look at your aura and tune into each chakra. I will allow all of the information to come through organically, pulling a tarot card for specific details if I need to.

I hope to explore this information in the most grounded way possible, but going a little ‘out there’ for those who are open to that.

I will highlight 3-5 of your intuitive strengths with emphasis on how they can be incorporated into your work life, relationships, personal space.

Areas of exploration:

  • Your strongest intuitive ability
  • Soul purpose + possible paths
  • Any past life strengths + wounds

You will receive a 3-4 page PDF file including all the information I receive for you, along with relevant exercises within 5-7 days of placing your order.

This will act as a reference guide you can come back to consistently, similar to a Human Design or astrology chart.

Please provide at least one photo of your whole body in an open space, so that I can tune into these centers to the best of my ability.

I will get in contact if I need any extra information.

Introductory price: $70