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Inner Work Reading (Audio Recording)

Are you struggling to move past a difficult blockage? Keep repeating the same lesson over and over? Not sure what’s keeping you stuck? Do you want clarity moving forward?

I believe we can all access an inner knowing that will guide us if we are open to it, however sometimes being engrossed in a situation means we cannot see a clear solution. It takes someone to look in from the outside to get some much needed perspective.

If you would like a snapshot into how your energy is looking at this moment, where you are headed and how to move past your blockages with actionable steps this personalized energy report is for you. This reading will be pertinent to the next 3-6 months.

You can ask about: energy blockages, struggles with focus/career, lessons you can’t seem to get past, a repeating relationship dynamic, or any other recurring obstacles you want to finally break through. Please stick to one main topic per reading.

What You Will Receive

  • A three card tarot spread to highlight your past, present and future energy.
  • A voice recorded message (~20 minutes) with all of the guidance and insight I receive. This recording will be uploaded to Google Drive or Dropbox so you can access/download it.
  • A personalized exercize to practice.

What I Will Do

I will take a look at the information you provide on which blockage you are currently working through, the difficulties you have moving past it and any specific questions or experiences you’d like to share.

Before each reading I will get into a relaxed state through meditation and align with my intuition (the main way I receive guidance). I will draw three tarot cards, one for the present, one for the present and one for the future.

I will see a bird’s eye view of the issue you are facing, and the different paths you can take laid out in my mind. I will then tap into your energy and feel how you are doing in the current moment and the energetic blockages you may have.

Using this information I will provide advice on how to move forward, a personalized affirmation that will help you address the blockage and a daily worksheet to help you work through it. Finally I will relay any specific intuitive messages I receive from my higher self for you.

You will receive a link to access/download the recording within 4 days. This will give me the time to properly tune into each person and provide adequate follow up support.

Before you buy: This reading is intended to be focused on you (the person getting the reading) and the dynamics you are involved in, not intended to provide extensive information on someone not consenting to be read (like a potential romantic interest). Please consider this beforehand.

You can send me a voice note on Instagram @ledbysource along with the text provided here. Once you have filled in the applicable information you will be redirected to the payment page.

Price: $30