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Precognitive Dreams

precognitive dreams

Precognitive dreams are ones which foretell a future event, this can be metaphorically or literally.

I was raised Christian so I’m very familiar with the story of Joseph who interprets the Pharaoh’s dream to mean there will be seven years of plenty followed by seven years of famine.

There are many accounts of dreams that foretell the future in spiritual and religious text but are such dreams really possible?

In this post I’m going to talk about my own experience with precognitive dreams and some advice on how to recognize and have your own.

Are Precognitive Dreams Possible?

I’ve had several dreams that I would consider precognitive in nature. One time I had accidentally left money in a location and when I came back to get it the next day someone confessed to having ‘borrowed’ it as they were in need at that time and would pay me back the next day. I was able to stay calm and composed as I had already had a dream a few days before of this confession.

Another time I had a dream that I would be late to a gathering due to the mistakes of the people around me and low and behold within the same week that played out in waking life.

I’ve also had precognitive dreams that I quickly forgot until the exact moment would play out again in waking life. These events would trigger a sense of dejavu, I knew I had seen this exact scenario before but wasn’t sure where.

Other times I would get dreams of a specific person who I hadn’t seen or contacted in well over a year and within a few day I would randomly bump into this person or receive a message from them asking to reconnect.

One time in particular I had a lucid dream (a dream in which you are aware you are dreaming) where it felt as if I had to stay in the dream in order to receive a message.

I could feel my head drooping as if I needed to wake up but the dream was keeping me in it. I had received a letter from someone and was trying to read it before the dream ended.

It could also be the case that these dreams are simple coincidences, perhaps there is a recurring theme in your life and your dream state simply picks up on that. It could also be that what you see in your dreams you look out for once you awake, which causes confirmation bias.

However this gets called into question when you experience a precognitive dream that is far removed from anything you were already expecting or thinking about.

From my experience precognitive dreams are very real and are essentially our intuition making itself known in the dream state. Just as we can receive insight on future timelines through signs in waking life, dreams operate in a similar fashion.

Signs of a Precognitive Dream

So how exactly do you tell that a dream is precognitive and not just a random concoction of your mind? The easiest way to tell if a dream is precognitive or not is by how it makes you feel whilst you are within the dream and upon waking.

Precognitive dreams have a very specific energy to them that is hard to ignore. Whilst dreaming you will feel the dream has great importance, the dream is likely to be more vivid and your emotions may be heightened.

Upon waking you will immediately want to write the dream down or share it with someone so you do not forget it. Or you may feel the dream was especially important but aren’t sure yet what it means.

These sorts of dream often trigger a sense of dejavu. You might encounter the exact situation in waking life even down to the words someone says, and feel that you’ve seen this before.

Other times these dreams are metaphoric in nature and therefore you only pick up on what they were trying to tell you after the event has occurred. There are also precognitive dreams that can take months or even years to come to fruition.

How to Have Precognitive Dreams

Is it possible to learn how to have precognitive dreams? In my experience – yes! These psychic dreams started to happen naturally for me as I practiced mindfulness throughout the day.

I’ve talked before about how bringing this mindfulness into the dream state (also known as lucid dream) can be a powerful tool for the development of your consciousness.

When we learn how to become aware within the dream state we also become more aware in waking life! There is a lucidity within waking life that occurs when you are mindful of your thoughts and emotions.

What happens is you are able to take a step back and see that your being is separate from the thoughts and emotions that run your mind and body on autopilot.

You start to see the similarity between your waking and dream states and can better tune into messages from your higher self and the Universe. It’s through seeing this connection that precognitive dreams can occur more regularly.

You learn how to shift your waking life with your intention and energy signature and so over time you gain a good idea of what paths are forming for you. This then plays out in a precognitive dreams.

When you are more aligned with your higher self and begin to embody it, your higher self can more easily relay messages to you through the dream state. Sending you warnings or encouragement about future events in your dreams.

The first thing to do is to start a dream journal and stay consistent with it. The more you write your dreams down the better your dream recall becomes, so you’re less likely to miss these precognitive dreams when they do occur.

Writing down your dreams is also helpful to identify recurring themes that represent consistent issues in your waking life. Having a written record of your dreams allows you to look back upon them years later and see if you missed anything.

If we take our dreams seriously we find they relay a lot of messages from our higher self and the Universe which we would otherwise miss.

Have you ever had a dream foretell the future?


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